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01/2020 We added new of the last part of 2019
Memory to the ond of 2019 Christmas and New year celebration
Christmas and the end of last year we celebrated with our friends.
At the Christmas we had a visit of family Formánek with her TT girls. It was really nice evening.
The same day our Jany celebrated her 7th Birthday ... all the best for her and other our Christmas kids Dejzy and Lung.

In the end of the year we were first time at the Mountains with friends. Not so much snow was there so it was nice for the walk with the dogs, visit cakeshop ... simply we enjoyed it.


   Year 2019 was cery successful and hectic ... Kerry had her second litter with 8 puppies again. So we had part of the year to do with them. They all found very lovely new homes. We visited few shows ... Kerry started in second half of the year, Yusha showed only in club shows and one club show in Germany. Jany is really lovely girl so I decided to try the shows with her (she doesn´t like shows :-) ... and her results weren´t bed too.
I thank to all owners of our doggie children, I wish the all the best in new year and hope we will have time to meet each other!

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