We had to say good bye to lovely boy from our "B" litter Thami :o(
Thank you Jarka Bucková for good care of him to his end and we hope he will come back soon.
  * * * * *
Nat. Rassehundeausstellung Kassel 9/12/2017
Yusha ... exc. 1, Vet. CAC (VDH, KTR), BOV
Kerry ... exc. 4
judge: Petr Řehánek (CZ)

Internationale Rassehundeausstellung Kassel
Yusha ... exc. 1, Vet. CAC (VDH, KTR), BOV
Kerry ... exc. 2, rec. CAC (VDH, KTR)

judge: Christa Klotz (D)

11/2017 Saturday with Irish wolfhound rescue fund of the Czech Republic
Saturday afternoon Yusha a Kerry enjoyed walk with our favourite sweet Giants and their friends. It was so nice walk in Prague and lovely lunch.

Photos here
More about the fund you can find in their website
International dog show Praha (4-5/11/2017)
judge 4/11/2017: Gabriela Ridarčíková (SK)
judge 5/11/2017: Ing. Alena Košťálová


Lhona Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc. 1, CAJC
exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ
... and finished title Czech junior champion :o)

Congratulation to her owners!

10/2017 Special Show  TT (21/10/2017)
judge: Milivoj Uroševič (SRB)

Lha-Gje-Lho ... exc. V1, CAJC, BOJ

Karuna  ... exc. V2, res. CAC (winner class), D´Yusha  ... V1, BOV

  Autumn trip with friends to Křivoklát (7/10/2017)
It was so nice to meet our friends (18 people with 23 dogs) all together in the lovely trip in Křivoklát. We enjoyed sun and autumn colors and after nice walk we had very good lunch. How we enjoyed you can see in the galery 
09/2017 Short Holiday near Karlovy Vary   (28/9/2017 - 1/10/2017)
We did four days Holiday with our friends Bruknerovi a Jana Štěpánková. We visited a lot of very nice and iteresting places, enjoyed nice colorful autumn weather. We had a coffee in Františkovy and Mariánské Lázně, visited "Little Bohemia" in mariásnké Lázně etc., etc. .... etc. :o)
More you can find in our
  Club show and meeting in Smržovka (9.-10/9/2017)
judge: Robert Kubeš (CZ)
Lha-Gje-Lho ... exc. 1, CAJC
Ja-Lung  ... exc. 3
Lhona  ... exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ
Karuna  ...
exc. 2, res. CAC (champion class)
A'Naya  ... exc. 2 (veteran class)
D´Yusha  ... exc. 1 (honour class)

Breeding group - 2nd place

Galery of the show

In the afternoon we had Pyjama party with funny competition. Me with Yusha and Jany had on of three the most lovely pajama :o)

Galery - pyjama party
Lhona "Elinka" Ja-Lung "Lung" Lha-Gje-Lho "Lucky"
Karuna "Kerry" Pyjama party ... Yusha + Jany Lung + Yusha + Jany :o)
08/2017 Regional show Džbán - Praha (26/8/2017)
rjudges: MVDr. Pavol Seman (SK), Antonín Mudra (CZ) - honour ring
We entered this small show for the training of the puppy - boys (Lung´s sons). I promissed to show Assam. We were soo good together and so we won his class ... the second one was Asam´s brother Danp with breeder Jana :o))

... and because we had to go, I entered also my girls and their results wasn´t bad too ;o)
Yusha ... exc. 1, Winner of the veteran class ... in the honour ring Yusha thought it was so hot to run ... and even the judge Mr. Hořák chose her for the 5 best veterans, she decided she didn´t want to be the best  :o))

Kerry had one of the her best days. She showed in champion class and was exc. 1, Winner of the cahmpion class, Best female ... and then she decided she wanted to be the best and so she won BIG 1 ;o)

Thank you all judges!

  Holiday - Jizerské Hory (14.-20/8/2017)  
We planed our Holiday sooooo long and finaly we decided to go to Jizerské Hory with Jana and her girls. We were in our favourite penzion in Smržovka and every days did many trips around :o))

Galery soon
KTR Club show and Tibet Dog Europe 2017 Möhnesee - Delecke - D (12.-13/8/2017)
judges: KTR Club show - Cindy Pettersson (S), TDE - Gunnilla Albrigtsen (S)

This year we don´t show so much so we decided to go to Club show KTR a Tibet Dog Europe 2017 in Germany. We went with Simona Jemelková.
During the journey to
Möhnessse we visited rainy Kassel (so sorry dogs couldn´t walk with us because they were prepared for the show)

Kerry was good both days and in the nice champion class was  both days exc. 3.

Yusha had her best weekend (she doesn´t like two days shows so much) and was simply the best:
Club show KTR -
Veteranen CAC-KTR/VDH, Veteranen Klubsieger, Bester Veteran
Veteranen CAC-KTR/VDH, Ge Skar-mo.

We had perfect weekend and nothing couldn´t change it ;o)

foto: Simona Jemelková, Anke Peine (D)    
07/2017 Summer trips  
During all summer we did some trips with our friends and enjoyed lovely summer weather in different lovely places not so far from us.

Galeries from our trip:
Helfenburk  ... Tisá  ...  Hasištejn  ...  Dlouhá Louka
05 - 06/2017 Club show TT Mladá Boleslav (17/6/2017)
judge: Petr Řehánek
Lung Yusha Any
Ja-Lung  ... exc. 1, CAC (open class)
Lhona  ... VP1 (puppy class)
Karuna  ... exc. 2, res. CAC (champion class)
A'Naya  ... exc. 2 (veteran class)
D´Yusha  ... exc. 1 (honour class)
Elinka (Lhona) Yusha, Kerry, Any Kerry

28.5.2017 CAC-Ausstellung (ILT)
in Kümmersbruck - Lengenfeld (D)
Yusha ... exc. 2, res. Vet.-CAC (VDH + ILT)
Kerry ... exc. 2, res. CAC (VDH + ILT)

* * *

3.-4.6.2017 CACIB Nitra (SK)
GCh. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kerry"
3.6.2017 - exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS (judge: Jakub Kruczek, PL)
4.6.2017 - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB (judge: Jeff Luscott, UK)

Kerry finished Interchampion (C.I.B.)

7.6.2017 - Kerry celebrated 3th Birthday
9.6.2017 - Any celebrated 14th Birthday ...  all our girls enjoyes their Birthday cake :o)

Almost all time in the begin of the new year we were with our last puppies. They had to be longer time with us because of veterinary conditions in their countries. Last boy lobsang "Pipin" found his wonderful family and left us in March. So we visited with him few lessons of the puppy school.

We went also with Pipin to some trips ... we visited with our friends  the lake Milada and with Adéla and Lucky my favourite castle  Helfenburk. My mom with Any and Jany went to the trip with our friends Formánek family. They visited nice place near Louny Písečný vrch

Our Kerry was amazing mom and it was not big problem for her to have so much puppies. Three of her eight puppies live in my country and I hope we will see often. Others moved to Germany, Finland and Slovenia. We wish them and their families all the best.

... and now it´s time to continue with our "normal" life .... :o)

Lhona Lingk´on Ice Lingpa Lakini Magic
Lhamo Ice Lobsang Lungta Lha-Gje-Lho

* * * * *

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