We have puppies of our lovely and successful young lady Yusha and
a handsome english gentleman
Silgarhi Fergus

The puppies were born 24th Decembre. We have obne boy and two lovely girls.
Puppies have very interesting pedigree and will be suitable for the breed and shows but especialy they will be 
typical and sweet tibetans for their families like their parents are :o)
   New pictures 2 weeks old puppies and first videoclip - you can see out first steps 

 For more informations you can contact me: e-mail:

26/11/2012 Thami and Shalu  celebrat 8th Birthday
Happy Birthday our sweet veterans Thami and Shalu!
We wish you all the best and many happy years with your families.
21/10/2012 Any and Yusha found caches
We went with our friends Jitka, Byema and Benny to find caches. It was very interesting ... I found one of 12 :o)


06/10/2012 Meeting TT Čechy pod Kosířem
Ww went with Any and Yushou and Brukners with Ela, Aishi and Kami to the TT meeting in Moravi.

We met also Yusha´s son Rimbaud (Išoleg). He is wonderful young man.

Galery of our darlings

28/09/2012 Yusha in the trip
During our journey to TDE in Tulln Yusha visited castle Orlík near town Humpolec.

More pictures here 

22/099/2012 Special show TT Mladá Boleslav
Judge: Mgr. Zuzana Brotánková (CZ):

JCh. H´Aishi Lamleh Legs-Smon "Aishi"
exc. 1, CAC

C.I.B. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
exc. 1, CAC

07/09/2012 Our Uti celebrated her 12th Birthday
Our sweet  Uti  celebrated her 12th Birthday. She is pur old - yound lady still, our belowed sweet sun. All the best my girl!!!

Galery fron Birthday parties with her children and granchildren here 

2.-5/08/2012 Club show Smržovka

JC. H´Aishi Lamleh Legs-Smon "Aishi"
exc. 1, CAC
Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon "Eli"
exc. 4
* * *
Weekend with tibetan terriers

We had very nice longer weekend with our friends! 
Ou dogs was good in the club show (judge: PhDr. Simona Jemelková, kennel: Sengge). I organized the fun competitions and our colors represented Brukners with Eli and Aishi and my mom with Any and Yusha ... and they were realy good and placed in 2nd place :o)

Pictures from the show
Jitka Kržová

Galery from the fun competition and evening meeting
(foto: Simona a TomᚠJemelkovi, kennel Sengge)

* * *

C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"
exc. 1, Best veteran
C.I.B. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
exc. 1 (honour class)

      photo: TomᚠJemelka, Kateřina Kovaříková

22/7/ - 1/8/2012 Yusha in Holiday
     We were with Yusha in the Holiday. In first we little traveled during my country and then we went wioth friends to Croatia. We had a bad in the sea and enjoyed the son ... uffff, my alergologist is happy but next our Holiday will be in the forest :o))) 

Holiday galery
15/7/2012 New Juniorchampion
    Show results Any´s son Aishi:

CAC Mladá Boleslav -
Olga Dolejšová (CR) ...
exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ

Aishi fulfiled conditions for the title:
Czech Juniorchampion

He is Junior club winner also, but he is very special boy with great sweet character.

Well done Aishi!

11/7/2012    Bobo celebrated 2nd Birthday
Yusha´s son Bobo (Gyeshi Lamleh Legs-Smon) celebrated his 2nd Birthday in Finland with his co-owner  Mari. All the best our sweet Bobo!!!


5/7/2012    Last news   

Show results Any´s son Aishi:

CACIB Litoměřice -
Nemanja Jovanovič (SRB) ...
exc.1, CAJC, BOJ

CAC Klatovy - Olga Dolejšová (CR) ... exc.1, CAJC, BOJ

* * * * *

We did a realy nice trip to our favourite place Sloup v Čechách. 
Galery here

9/6/2012 Our Any celebrates her 9th Birthday today
Any is our first Uti´s puppy. She was little black devil from puppy age and she is full of energy still :o) She is happy girl and her life is full of noncenses :o) 

Our dear Any, all the best, we love you !

18.-20/5/2012 World Dog Show Salzburg
We went to WDS Salzburg only see and did a Holiday. During our jorney we stoped at Buceks to visit Thami and his family. He is very lovely boy. We did some new pictures of him:

B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon (05/2012)

In Salzburg we visited town in Friday. We met Any´s last gaughter Amy with her owner Birgit. It was very nice to see them. See you soon :o)                  

Any v Salzburgu


28/4/2012 Our "H" litter celebrates  1st Birthday today
Last our April puppies celebrate! Fron this time Aishi, Amy and Hotang are adult :o) 
All the best sweeties!

19/4/2012 Our "C" litter celebrates  6th Birthday today
      Happy Birthday Kami, Kora and Shery and a lot of happy next years!
     One of our girls celebrated too ... 
5th Birthday

Who is that??? :o)
5/4/2012 Our "E" litter celebrates  4th Birthday today 
... and started the celebrations of all our April puppies!
Neli, Jonas, Eli and Eny, we wish you all the best and a lot of years with your wonderful families!

5/2/2012 Our Uti
Our darlinn mother queen Uti had bath and brush day ... so I did some new pictures. You can see it in her galery (our TT)

Last news 2011

Christmas galery here







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