* * * Puppies * * *
Last puppies of our sun Uti are in new homes. They live in Germany. I hope they will do the pleasure for their new families. Next puppies we will plane with our lovely Yusha in the end of 2009. You can contact us still now for more informations.


Happy Birthday our friend!!!
Our darling Dany celebrates today his 14th Birthday. He is my first dog and he helped me to know more about this great breed. I thank him very much for very nice time with him and other our dog family. I wish him all the best, a lot of healthy and more years together!!
Morning Dany gor first congratulation from Family Bucek with Dany´s daughter Alma, Uti´s son Thami and their big friend Artuš. Thank you very!! We hope we will see soon and will celebrate Dany´s Birthday personaly :o)


Víkend v Rakousku

We went to Autria with Iveta and Kami (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) We decided to finish show year in Wels. There were wwo CACIB shows. Iveta found nice hotel in Linz not to long from Wels. We left on Friday.  

In Saturday morning we went to Wels. After show we came back to Linz to the Christmas market. We ate very very good sausages and punch ... and finaly coffee with strudel and sachr cake ... ufff ... :o)) 

Kami relaxed in the Iveta´s boots :o)

* * *

Our darlings after show

5/12/2009 - judge: Mrs Poduschka-Aigner (A)
6/12/2009 - judge: Mrs Homonnai (A)

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc.1, CACA   /   exc.1, CACA
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc.1, CACA   /  exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB

fulfilled the conditions for Interchampion!


In Sunday we got SMS from Kami´s owner that Kami is proud father od puppies in Germany. Kami is father of colorful puppies in the kennel vom Mariengrund ... during some days you can find some pictures of puppies there. Congratulations to Sabine, Iveta, Milan, Kami and Zeta !!!


Happy Birthday

Tibies from our "B" litter of our lovely Uti
Thami  and Shalu celebrated  their  5th Birthday.
We wish you and your families a lot of next years!!!

* * * * 
Last czech show 2009 -
CACIB Praha (8/11/2009)
judge: paní Olga Dolejšová, CZ

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc. 3

Co-ra Lamleh Legs-Smon 
exc. 2
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon
 exc. 1, CAC, CACIB

I handled in this show our friend Bíbu ... and we got exc. 1, CAJC.

4/11/2009 We love not only shows ...

We spend free time not only in the shows:

Yusha and Any near Křivoklát

* in the begin of Octobre se had very nice weekend with Elli (Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon) and her family. We did very agreable trip near to castle Křivoklát ... galery ... then we had a garden party and in the evening we drunk wine and told about dogs and dogs .... Dear Brukners ... thank you for nice weekend and I hope we will see you soon again!

* national holiday (28th Octobre) we visited the farm of horses. They
christened two foals of horses of Friesland ... it was very very nice exprerience ... galery ... Then we visited our friend Bíba and went to the woods ...galery ...

I like them ....



CACIB Prilep (24/10/2009)
Yusha - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB .. fulfilled the conditions for Interchampion

CACIB Skopje
Uti - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB .. fulfilled the conditions for Interchampion
Yusha - exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB


CAC Brno
(19. 10. 2009)

Mrs.  Libuše Ubrová, CZ

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc. 1, CAC

Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon
exc. 1, CAC, National winner

Kami got last CAC for the title Czech grandchampion!!!


Tibet Dog Europe & World Dog Show Bratislava
(10. - 11. 10. 2009)

TDE: Mr. Martin Baskaran, E
WDS: Mrs. Monique Van Brempt, B

ICch. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon ..... exc., exc.
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon .....
exc.4, VG
Ch. B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon ..... exc., exc.
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon .....
exc., VG

Thanks Jarka Bucková and Iveta and Milan Čermák for the prezentation their dogs in this shows!

Pictures: Simona Jemelková, Jitka Kržová. Adéla Bednářová  (more pictures under pictures of dogs)

We will have videotape ... we will let know you soon!


Family visits

We visited our family .. last weekend we were by Kora in the cottage and ast Friday by Kami. You can see some pictures.


Our Yusha has her site in the calendar 2010



Specialty show TTC  (19/9/2009)



judge: Mrs. Olga Dolejšová (CZ)

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
champion class:  exc. 1, CAC
Co-ra Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kora"
open class:  exc. 3
Kora was in first time in the show. She got very nice description but the ring presentation was little boggle :o)
   * * *
Kora was in the breed description at the same judge. In this time she was in the ring and at the tablle more more better. The judge said that she is standard female. 
Korinka fulfilled all conditions to be breeding female. Healthy examinations: HD: A/B, vPRA, LL - neg.
Co-ra Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kora"


More about Kora




Our lovely Uti is Czech veteran champion now!!! 

Many thanks Anette and Tom Ohman for this beautiful girl. Our new veteran champion is still like if she got Junior champion :o)))




14/9/2009 CACIB and CAC Leipzig (D)  (12-13/9/2009)

Last weekend we were in Leipzig. In Saturday we crossed pur fingers to Uti´s last daughter Mo-mo and friend Jacko. Both were successful in their classes and won. The judge said that Mo-mo is realy nice female of champion quality :o)) A lot of congratulations to her owner Sabine Tö nnies (von Mariengrund)!!! 

In Sunday our Yusha was in the champion class with other two champion girls and won!! It was last titel for  German champion (VDH) and got res. CAC - KTR. 


12/9/2009 - judge: Dr. Wilfried Peper (D)
Fayana Lamleh Legs-Smon "Mo-mo"  VV1
13/9/2009 - judge: Peter Machetanz (D)
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
exc. 1, CAC-VDH, res. CAC-KTR
Fayana Lamleh Legs-Smon "Momo"    

Happy Birthday

Our lovely Uti today celebrates her  9th Birthday!!! We wish her all the best and a lot of next years. Annettem thanks for this lovely girl!!!



CACIB Mladá Boleslav  (30/8/2009)

Last weekend we went to Mladá Boleslav. There was CACIB show. Yusha was in open class seconde :o) Uti was in veteran class ... I think she starts to like shows :o))) The judge said that two nice female in good condition in veteran class it´s not to all shows. And Uti was first. Her son Kami was in champion class first ... during the CACIB competition he was naughty and didn´t get anything (it´s not usualy but all have to be first time :o))

judge: Miroslav Guniš (SK)
Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti
exc. 1 (veteran class)
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
exc. 2, res. CAC
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"
exc. 1, CAC
23/08/2009 Trip with friend  (wiew-tower Jeřabina, Mníšek v Krušných Horách)

Some time ago we invited our friend Bíba with her owner to visite after work very nice wiew-tower not so far from our town. Our dogs had very nice walk in the wood. After walk we we visited the restaurant for little food and drink :o) 



CAC Marienberg, D  (15-16/8/2009)

Last weekend we went with Uti´s son Kami and his owners Iveta and Milan and Siddhi with his owners Jana and Jarda not to long from us to Germany. We were in the show in Marienberg. The shows in the weekend were very nice. The judge were little exotic from Izrael and South Africa.  They both liked our veteran girl Uti very very much. They couldn´t believe she is veteran. Uti´s son Kami was very successful too. On Saturday he won BOB ... Uti was very  proud mum :o) Our big congratulations to Kami, Iveta and Milan and for Sidanek and his owners too!! It was very agreable weekend!


15/8/2009 - judge: Zvi Kupferberg (Izrael)

Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti
exc.1, Vet. CAC-VDH, Vet. CAC
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"
exc.1, CAC-VDH, CAC, Best male, BOB

16/8/2009 - judge: Ronald F. Ryrie (Jižní Afrika)

Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti
exc.1, Vet. CAC-VDH, Vet. CAC
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"
exc.1, CAC-VDH, CAC
Proud mum Uti with her successful son Kami

Our puppy Uti forever :o))

     Summer trip with Tibetan Terrier






IHA Oberwart  (18-19/7/2009)

judge : Primož Peer (Slovenia)

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
exc. 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"
exc. 1, CACA, res. CACIB
More pictures here
16/07/2009 Legs-Smon Champions and breeding dogs

We did new site in our website - the presentation of the champions and breeding dogs in our kennel and from our breed.  

15/07/2009 Holiday in Hungary (03-12/07/2009)
   This year we went to the Holiday to the hungarian spa Harkány. Utka was with her daughter Cora. They played in the garden, helped to the Cora´s owner to work in the garden and sit in his lap :o)) They went to the cottage to find some mushrooms for some days ... and she brought some to us too ... mňam :o))

Dany, Any and Yusha were in Hungary with us.

More about our Holiday

25/06/2009 Club show (21/6/2009) judge: RNDr. Jaroslava Ovesná (CZ)


Last weekend we were in the club show in Lanškroun. Our lovely Uti showed first time in veteran class. She was very good and got exc. 2.  Yusha had excellent day and in open class was exc. 1, CAC. Our breed Kami showed excellent too in the champion class and got exc. 2, res. CAC. Congratulations to Kami and his owner!

Weekend was very fine, we had nice time with our friend. I travelled with the family Jindráček ... and I congratulate to their boy  Siddi (JCh. Siddhi Kipu Khyim .. exc.1, CAC). And finaly congratulations to our friends!!!

Thanks for the pictures of the families Adámek, Jemelka and Ludek (PL).  For now we did the videoclips of our dogs:

Uti Yusha Kami
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"  (třída otevřená) exc. 1, CAC
Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti "Yusha"  (třída veteránů) exc. 2
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"  (třída vítezů) exc. 2, res. CAC




Erfurt (13-14/6/2009)

    Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"


Nat. Erfurt (judge: Brigitta Kremsen, SLO) - exc. 1, CAC-VDH, res. CAC - club

CACIB Erfurt (judge: Seamus Oates, IRL) - exc. 1, CAC-VDH, CAC - club, res. CACIB

We met puppy - girl from our Uti´s last litter. Fayana Lamleh Legs-Smon "Mo-mo" is very lovely and happy little tibetan girl. She is satisfied in her home with Sabine and her family. Thank you very much for the meeting and we will be happy to see you all again!

10/06/2009 Yusha finished next champiochip
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"
Krajowa wystawa Walbrzych, PL (7/6/2009)
exc. 1, CWC, Best female, BOB
Yusha got last CWC for Polish championchip. She is champion of four countries in two years. She has  4xCACIB from three countries but she needs one years and one day for Interchampion .... Yusha is my little "baby". She does the pleasure me and she is nice girl like her mum Uti and I hope she will be the puppy forever like her mum :o)
Picture: Kayani i Agnieszka (PL)

Dscho Utra Gon Ba Mo of Lambee "Ellie"

Ellie lives in America and may be you will think she lookes like our dogs ... Yes, Ellie is the granddaughter of our lovely U-ti. She is daughter of B´Shalu Lamleh Legs-Smon (Silgarhi Calidassa x Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti) and very famous male from german breed of Mrs Anke Peine AmCh. Tschumar Lamleh von Nama-schu. Ellie is very very successful in the american shows with her owner Anette Ohman. 

Last her success was wonderful!!! In the TTCA Specialty 28/5/2009 she was in the 3th  place with 10 female in her cathegory Puppy Sweeps  (9 Months and Under 12 Months, Bitches). Specialty the most prestige show in TTCA. 

Anette and Ellie ... big congratulation we are very proud of you!

This very nice pictures are doing by the photograph Thomas Ohman. Tom, thank you very much.


Show marathon continue ...

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"

Krajowa wystawa Jelenia Gora, PL (17/5/2009)

exc. 2

* * *

CACIB Leszno, PL (24/5/2009)

exc. 1, CWC, res. CACIB


Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami"

CACIB Litoměřice (24/5/2009)

exc. 1, CAC, CACIB

Big congratulation for Kami and his owners ... and I cross my fingers for next show time!


Last show results of our dogs

Yusha got last CAC for Slovak Champion
CACIB Bratislava 10/05/2009
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha" - exc.1, CAC
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" - exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
CACIB Bratislava 09/05/2009
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha" - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualification 2010
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" - exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
CACIB Praha 03/05/2009
Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha" - exc.3
Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" - exc.2, res. CAC, res. CACIB


When we went to Bratislava we visited our friend Michaela Piňosová. She did some new pictures of our dogs in her photo atelier

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha" Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" ICh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"

We visited our friends Martina and Milan Adámek in Bratislava (Khyi-Mi). We had very nice time with them and their female Bhoomi:


Family weekend

Last weekend was very agreable ... are you courious what we did? See here...


Happy Birthday!!!

Last our april puppies celebrated them 3th Birthday! Kami, Kora a Šery from our "C" litter are very satisfied dogs. Kami is very successful in the shows, Kora is big pet of her owners and Šery is very kind boy. We wish them a lot of love and many yeard with their families ... we love you! 


Yusha celebrated!!!

Our joungster Yusha celebrated her birthday on Sunday. It´s two year when our new hope was born. All time she is very happy girl. She is similary like her mom Uti. Yusha talks with us and we love her sooo much!! 

All the best our darling! 



 Easter visit at Bucek

On Saturady we went to Nepomuk to visite our friends Buckovi ... there live Uti´s son Thami and Dany´s daughter Alma. It was very very nice day. Our puppies were in first time home in their garden. They played with Thami and Alma and were all very satisfied. The journey was good with puppies. They were good in the box.  

The pictures from the visit

Any´s puppies from our "E" litter celebrated first Birthday!!! 
Jonáš, Elinka, Nellinka a Enynka had yesterday first Birthday. All the best and many happy yeard with their good families!

* * * * *


CAC Ostrava

Last weekedn we were in CAC show Ostrava. The judge: Zdena Jílková (CZ). Yusha get very very nice jugement and  exc.1, CAC in open class. Any was in champion class. She got very nice jugement too. the judge lked her but she haid Any is little fat lady :o)) I think that´s why Any was exc. 2, res. CAC. But we are happy because Any fulfiled conditions for the title  Czech champion!

ICh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"

phooto: Simona Jemelková, Sengge

photo: Simona Jemelková, Sengge

* * * * *


CACIB Berlin

Two weeks ago we went to CACIB Berlin. Yusha was in open class the most junge female (all other three female can to be Yusha´s mothers :o))) She got nice jugement and was exc. 3.


Top TT of the year 2008  (TTC ČR)

Yesterday in the meeting of Tibetan Terier Clubu CR were pronounced the results of the club competition  Top TT of the year 2008. Our dogs are all years very sucessfull in this competition, they placed in the premier places.  Only last two years - in 2006 Thami (Ch. B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in 4th place, in 2007 our Any (ICh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in  2nd place. Last year our dogs were very succesfull too:  

Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon ... 2nd place

'Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon ... 5th place

I send big congratulation Kami and his owners Iveta and Milan. I´m very proud to my Yusha and Kami ... they are (like their older brother and sister) very good show dogs, they present in the show very well!!

Eli sent greetings
Young lady from our  "E" litter Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon "Elinka" with her family sent some new pictures dro her life. She enjoyed her fisrt Christmas and first holiday in the mountain. She is very satisfied dog and we will be happy to see her soon!  

Some new Eli´s pictures you can see here

Kami a Šeri
We got new from the family of our "C" puppy C´Shari "Seriho". They very happy to have this lovely boy and sent a lot of thanks. And we are very satisfied that Šeri has good home with lot of fun.
Finaly I did a little photogalery of  Kami (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon). I did this pictures last summer (07/2008). The both our boy you can seet here

Goodbye our little friend!


We have so sad news today. Our little big friend Kuba leaved us. He was 17,5 years old and was very ill long time. But he was the big fighter. Last days were for us very very difficult because we had to decide. It was realy unpleasant. But Kuba did it alone ... he fell asleep and didn´t wake up. We miss you very much!
Dany finds him, Any slept all nigth next to me in the bed, Uti lay down next to him last time and Yusha ... we don´t know because she doesn´t know it and she loves him very very much. I hope in the next day we will have better time ... and when you will meet some stubborn and self-willed puppy, pleas, write me ... it´s our Kuba :o)
New pictures of our last puppies from "E" litter - I added last pictures Any´s children in 8-8,5 months (Eny, Nelli and Jonáše). They are all o.k. and had nice Christmas. Nelli and Eny visited us. We were such happy to see them again. And we wait the news from last Any´s daughter Elli soon. 
Utka a Yusha

Happy new year

Legs-Smon TTs

 We had good end of year. You can see our Christmas galery.

We welcomed new year with good humour and we didn´t start it another like  new year walking in the mountains.

How was year 2008
Last year was very successful for us. Dany celebrated his 13th Birthday in good condition. He is very happy boy still. Uti went to Italy to her last husband on Decembre ... I hope she will have little Uties in the begin of February 2009. Any had her first litter ... 4 little Anies have nice good homes and we are in the touch with them.  Our youngest Yusha had the year full the shows ... she was very very successful .. she finished Macedonian Champion, Champion od Montenegro, Club Champion TTC, got 3 CACIBs. She began her CZ, SK, PL and Germany (VDH) Champion and became Crufts qualifikation 2009. She finished all breed condition and will have her first puppies in the end of 2009. And we pasted a lot of time in the trips and with our friends. We wish to you good new year!!!
We did some funny competitions for TT and their owner after club show. The pictures you can see here:
    Tibetan Terrier Gifts
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