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     We haven´t  puppies. Next puppies in Octobre 2008. For more informations you can contact me.
Uti with Yusha in visite her new husband in Italy :o)) More informations latte!  
Thanks Silvia and Ricci for your kind invitations and for all!!! 

We did some funny competitions for TT and their owner after club show. The pictures you can see here:
CAC Annaberg - Buchholz (D)
29-30/11/2008, judges: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (D), Miograd Vreteničič (MN)
Last shows we had in Germany, I like very much the shows in Annabergu - Buchholz. This year I had with me some friends from Czechia. I was very very pleased to past time with them. On Sunday we went to the Christmas market. We tried some germany specialities :o)))

  Yusha was first time in champion class and had very very good results: exc. 1, CAC-VDH, CAC  and  exc. 2, res. CAC-VDH, res. CAC


Dany celebrated  13th Birthday
Our Dany celebrated his 13th Birthday yet. He is healthy and happy boy still. He loves good food and play a little with our girls. He is the boss stil ... but the girls are more fast some times :o)))  Dear Dany, we wish to you a lot of healthy and nice next years!
CACIB Prague
16/11/2008, judge: Olga Dolejšová (CZ)
CACIB Prague was our last czech show. We met all our show dogs from all our litters (A,B,C,D :o) The results: Kami (Ch. Cambu) - exc. 1, CAC, Thami (CH. B´Thami) - exc. 4, Yusha (Ch. D´Yusha)  - exc. 2, res. CAC a Any (ICh. A´Naya) - exc. 2, res. CAC. 

The pictures from the show aren´t good in this time we can show you little  videoclips of Yushy and Any

We showed our dogs in breeders group. In our show is the problem another colors ... but the people around the ring  liked us, they said that we were best :o)) Thanks to Jarka, Iveta and Barbora for excellent presentation!


Yusha on the trip again 

(Macedonia 25-26/10/2008)

Last weekend we went with our friends by bus to Macedonia. It was very nice trip. Yusha was successful and I´m cold :o))) 

We visited two shows CACIB Prilep and CACIB Skopje (both days Yusha was exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB).  Yusha is now Macedonian Champion

Some pictures from our visit of Macedonia  here


Yusha fist time at the sea 

(Montenegro 20-21/9/2008)

We went with Yusha to the Montenegro. It was very nice trip. Montenegro is nice country. 

We were in two shows - on Saturday CACIB Podgorica (exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB) and on Sunday CAC Kotor (V1, CAC, BOB). Yusha is Champion of Montenegro now.

The pictures  here

Specialty TT (Mladá Boleslav 11/10/2008)
The judge: AndrᚠPolgar - our lovely veteran Dany was in this show with us. He was the monster :o))) He didn´t show and was like very tired old man :o)))  Dany was exc. 2 :o))) In the honour ring he showed very well!!! He is our stuborn darling.

Kami (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) with Iveta was in champion class exc. 2, res. CAC ( 4 dogs). Congratulations!!! Yusha (Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in intermadiate class was exc. 2, res. CAC too.  Any (ICh. MultiCh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in champion class exc. 3 :o)

First time we entered with Breeder Group. I went with Any, my friend Eva Holanová with Kami and Iveta with Yusha. All our dogs were very good and showed very well! We got  BIS Breeders Group!!!! Thank to Eva and Iveta and our dogs!

Ch. Antao Smon-Lam (almost 13 let) ICh., MultiCh. A´Naya "Any", Ch. Cambu "Kamík" a Ch. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon

Dogtrekking in the country of Ota Pavel (26-28/9/2008)

Last week we went with our friends to the dogtrekking in the country of Ota Pavel ... the county near to castle Křivoklát. 

We didn´t go to the dogtrekking because we didn´t have the training this year But we visited the castle Krakovec ... very famous czech castle. In this castle was some time czech historical person Jan Hus before his departure to Kostnice. Some pictures from the weekend  here
In the sunday we went to visite Any´s son Jonᚠ(E´Yoshi Lamleh Legs-Smon). The pictiures from the visite here

Eny, Eli and Nelli

We visited with Any and Yusha the girls from our "E" litter. For next tiem we will visite last puppy - boy Jonᚠ:o) All Any´s daughters are very friendly and kind little girls. I´m very happy Any had this nice puppies.  

We did some pictures of Eny and Eli ... we didn´t have tha camera to do pictures of Nelli ... may be next time :o)

E-naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Eny"

Some pictures from our visits  here

Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon "Eny"

CAC Thalheim (Ge)

Last Saturday (30/8/2008) we went to Germany. We entered to very nice show in Thalheim.  There were 10 TTs. The judge:  Dr. Roberto Schill (Ro). Yusha was in intermediate class exc. 1, VDH-A, CAC-A, BOB
CACIB Mladá Boleslav
On Sunday we went with Jindráček and their Siddhi to Mladá Boleslav.  Thank you very much! The judge:  Ing. Leoš Jančík. Yusha and me were very tired.  Yusha was: exc. 2
CACIB Bratislava
Saturday 16/8/2008, judge Christian Stefanescu (Ro) - the judge was very very strictly. More of the dogs got very good or good and he didn´t get titles in much times.  Or results were very very pleasant.  Kamíi (Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) exc. 2 (first was the male from Germany who was in borth days BOB) and our  Yusha was exc. 1, CAC.
Sunsay 17/8/2008, judge Miroslav Guniš (SK) - this judge is strictly too. Our result was again very nice. Kami was exc. 2, res. CAC and Yusha exc. 1, CAC. 
On Saturday after show we went with our friends to have a lunch. Adámek´s choiced very agreable pub. We talked and ate sooo good. It was to meet our friends not in shows only. The pictures: Simona Jemelková and Alena Fajerová. Big congratulations for our friends who had good show results too!!!  More pictures you can find in the website of Simona Jelemková photigalery.
Happy Birthday!

Our Kuba yesterday celebrated  17th Birthday!!! He is our old man and he is a little ill stil. But he likes live and he talks for all ... only we aren´t some time fast :o)))  Yusha loves him very much and kisses him all days. My Dany is his best friends and controls him :o) Some pictures from the garden party here.
Some news after Holiday:

Yusha (D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in the hips examination and has HD-A.
Last Sunday we were in  CAC Mladá Boleslav. The judge M. Guniš (SK). Yusha showed first time in intermediate class and was exc. 1, CAC. It was last for the title Czech junior champion. Kami (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in champion class exc. 2, res. CAC and got last points for  Club champion of TTC. A lot of congratulůations for Iveta, Milan and Kami!!! We are very proud!!!  Some new pictures of Kami and from our holiday soon.

... National Winner (photo: Anna i Grzegorz Pawliczak, Acala Karuna, Poland)

Today was in the town too hot and we went to the mountains .. it was better but in the river it was better :o) Some new pictures of our girls here
Any´s puppies sent some new pictures from their new homes here
Happy Birthday!

Our dear Any celebrates  her 5th Borthday today ... and all days with her we are such happy to have her. She was little devil and now she is very good mum and my show star :o)  Some pictures from the celebrationg you can see here.

Some last pictures of our puppies at us and fom their new homes here

The puppies again
The time with our puppies runs very quick :o( We spend nice time with them. Next weekend two from them will move to their new families and we know that we will not forget them and I hope they will in the touch with us. Last pictures of them here

And new  videoclip in 7,5 weeks

News from puppies
Our little have 7 weeks, They are very very lovely and kind puppies, They play and find some news in the flat ... the flowers, armchair, chair, bathroom, little carpets .... it´s very much interessting thinks :o)) The best place at my parents is under desk where nobody can go there ... it was favourit place of mother Any :o) And they swim in the saucer with wather ... it´s favourit activity of grandmother Uti. They are such good puppies !!!

I forgot to present the videoclip in 5 weeks in the gardem. And we did with my friend Jitka some new pictures. All you can see  here

CACIB Litoměřice (25/05/2008)
On Sinday we were in CACIB Litoměřice. Kamík (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) was exc. 1, CAC, CACIB. Big congratulation to Iveta, Milan and Kami!!!! Yusha in young class  presented very nice, she got excellent judgement, the judge liked her very much, but she was  exc. 2.
Puppies are plaing
Our puppies are 6 weeks old. It´s very nice to see how they play ... you can see some their new pictures here

Finally I did videoclip our puppies in 4-5 weeks. They are very happy and lovely puppies with very kind temperament. Videoclip here


Shalu getting ready for summer
Uti´s daughter Shalu (B´Shalu Lamleh Legs-Smon) lives in USA with Anette and Tom Ohman, kennel Dscho Utra. They sent to us her new pictures. She is trying out the new doggy sun chair :o)))  Pictures

We are happy that Shalu is good and lovely girl and does the pleasure for Anette and Tom. And we will wait the news about Shalu´s first puppies !!! All the best !!!


Our puppies were first time in the garden

Our youngest went to the trip :o)) First time tehy visited the garden. The sun was happy adn lighted very much. I got puppies to the box and went to my mother´s garden with them. In first time they were very surprised and then they went to sleep. But after relax they played all together with Any and Yusha. Uti saw her grandchildren and Dany didn´t wont anything :o)))  Some pictures from the garden here

Our lovely puppies are 4 weeks old now. They are very happy and with good tempeament. Tante Yusha is happy that they play still with her and mother Any has all paw to warch puppies and our big puppy Yusha :o)) We did some new pictures of puppies here
Our puppies are such lovely ... they run, some time fall down to the tails and do the somersaults :o))  Their favorit activity is to eat and sleep. For this time we bring  videoclip here
CACIB České Budějovice
Last week we wwnt to CACIB v České Budějovice. The judge: Ing. Jančík (CZ). Thami - exc.1, CAC, CACIB and Yusha exc.2.  Jarka and Thami congratulations!!!
Our puppies opened their eyes. They are very lovely and grow very quickly :o) Some new pictures  here
"E" vrh ... 16 dní B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon
We celebrated ...
Last week we were in CAC Ostrava (13/04/2008). The judge: Mrs Ubrová (CZ). Yusha won young class nand got exc. 1, CAJC,


We visited Čermáks in Prague and celebrated Birthday of our dogs.  Yusha was in Saturday 1 year old and Kami and other "puppies" from !C" litter will be 2 years old tomorow. Best wishes!!!  Some pictures here


And finaly we visited our friend Michale and did some new pictures of Yusha in 1 year here.
Our puppies are very lovely. Any is very good and proud mom. Last week I was in Moravia in the show with Yusha (more soon) and today I was in office trip .... that´s why I did the pictures in 9 days. You can see here
Our puppies
Our last puppies are very fine. They eat very much and sleep very much :o))) I have only one problem ... to do some pictures ... mum Any has another opinion :o)  k
But finaly I did some new pictures of all puppies
The puppies have their name yet:
Females: E-naya, Emaia and Eyala Lamleh and male:  E´Yoshi Lamleh
Agility training

On sunday we went with Uti and Yusha to Louny. Our friend Jitka is the coach of agility and had the big patience o)))
Some pictures here
Alanscha Dkarba Zajdy ¨"Alma" (owned: Jarmila Bucková)
Dany´s daughter Alma celebrated last Friday 8th Birthday. I wish all the best to Alma and her brothers and sisters!!!   
CACIB Prague (23/03/2008)
On Sunday we visited CACIB Prague. The judge: Ing. Alena Košťálová (CZ). 
Yusha was in youth class  exc. 1, Junior CAC and got the Qualification for Crufts 2009. It´s second Qualification for Crufs (last year it got our Any). Our breed Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" was exc. 1, CAC. Iveta and Kamí, congratulations!!
Ch. B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon "Thami" and Alma

D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon (photo: Jana Pravdová) 

B´Shalu Lamleh Legs-Smon (owner: Anette a Tom Ohman, Dscho Utra, USA)
Shalu from our  "B" litter (Silgarhi Calidassa x Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti) lives with Uti´s mother and other relatives in the kennel of Anette and Tom Ohman. In the pictures she was in the prering time with Ohman´s daughter Anna. 
Last week we got from Anette good news ... finaly we have the result of MHD - good and PL - normal - practitioner.  We are happy and wish to Ohmans all the best in the future with "our" little girl Shalu and other their nice dogs!!!
A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon
Any was  second the most successful female in Czechia in the year 2007 in the competition of    "Top TT of the Year 2007".
Ruin Oltářík
Yesterday we were to the next ruin in our surroundings. It´s very nice place with good scenery to České Středohoří.
We were with my girls, We parked car next to woods. It wasn´t long from car (only cca 0,5 km). But in the woods there were dirty and a lot of sticks .... sooooo much sticks. I cleaned Uti all step :o)))
I took only one picture of ruin, because then the camera said ... batery low and switched off. The pictures of our female is from my mobile phone. More pictures of ruin you can find here

When we came back I washed my girls, cooked some food and all evening I combed them :o))) It was our Saturday programm :o))) 

We wait puppies!
Yesterday we were in the ultrasound with our Any and saw some puppies :o) We are so couriouse but we have to wait one month still! 
Thami (Ch. B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in the examination of eyes and all is o.k.
Spring is comming ....

Last weekend we had the winter in the mountains and this weekend the spring come :o)  On Saturday we went with Yusha and Uti to make a little walk in the mounatins. We had to train little :o)) We went in quick timing some kilometres ..... I was tired, Uti too but Yusha ¨took some kilometres extra :o)  Any kept company to our visit  and then went with Dany to check our garden.  
On Sunday was extra nice day. We did some  new pictures. Uti did dwarf-woman like usualy, Any ignored me like usualy, only Yusha was excellent  .... I think I know Yusha´s future career .. she will be the model :o)))
Then we went to visite our friend Krystýna with her owner to Droužkovice. In first we walked little. I did only  few pictures. Then we sit in the garden, had a cofee and the girls looked all their garden.  It was very nice time and we will looked forward to see them again!
CACIB Brno (10/2/2008)

Last weekend we visited with  Iveta and Kami (Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon) CACIB show in Brno. The judge: Mgr. Božena Ovesná (CZ). Kami got last CAC for the title Czech Champion. A lot of congratulations to Kami, Iveta and Milan!!!  Yusha was in young class and got excellent and we have to train and run :o)



CAC Olomouc (13/1/2008)
The weekend (12.-13.1.2008) was in sign of the travel for us :o) 
We went with  Iveta and Kami to Pardubice. Uti, Any and Kami passed out eyes checking by MVDr. Beránek. They are all o.k. For Kami it was last condition for entry to the breed. Big congratulations to Iveta and Milan and my big thank!!!! The boy from our "C" littre is in the breed. JCh. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kami" (Passiflora Rosa Damascena x Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti) has HD-B, is Czech Juniorchampion, 3xCAC CR. More you can see in his website.
Then we went to Brno to the fotostudio of my friend Michaela. She did dome new pictures of our dogs. Some new pictures of our Yusha in her photogalery  9 months
On Sunday we wisited  CAC Olomouc. Judge: Ing. Alena Košťálová (CZ). Kami was  exc.1, CAC. Yusha first time in young class (9 months 1 day :o))  She liked to the judge, but she was in her class with female almost 18 months old :o(  But she showed very well and was  exc. 2 .... it weren´t surprise for me :o) 
Yusha is in this time very nice female. She has hight quality hair (we groom one time in the week). She is 37 cm hight and it´s idela for me. She passed her first season. She is very lovely and the bigest friend of her is my mother´s old dog-man Kuba. She loves him and kisses when it´s possible :o)))

Kami exc. 1, CAC  Yusha end her competitress get on the ring Yusha showes well!

Photo Adamekovi (Khyi-Mi)

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