Last months of the year we spent with our last "L" litter. Kerry got eight puppies and so we had foull hands. Sometimes it was not easy but also very amazing and I got some new experiences.
Thank yu all our friends who helped me so much, they visited puppies and were part of their socialization. And most of them support me.


    * * * * *
08/2016 Kerry and the shows
We took a part in the seminar "Tricks for the dogs" with Kerry under our friend Jitka Kržové and in the two successful shows and one show ... no comment :o)

NDS Mladá Boleslav:
exc. V2, res. CAC
(judge: Gabriela Ridarčíková - SK)

IDS Mladá Boleslav:
(judge: Antonín Mudra)

and Kerry finished

07/2016 Smržovka - club show and tibetan terrier weekend
It was so nice and funny weekend and for us also little successful :o)

Ch. Ja-lung Lamleh Legs-Smon "Lung" - exc. 2, res.CAC (winner class)

Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon " Kerry" - exc. 2, res. CAC (winner class)

A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon " Any" - exc. 1, BOV
(veteran class)

D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon " Yusha" - exc. 2 (honout class)

... and all tpgether best greeding group.

(judge: PhDr. Simona Jemelková, CR)



Galery of the funny competitions from: Jemelkovi

Lung This year we had so nice Holiday not so far from our home with Jana and her females Maya and Cherry.

Galery here

NDS Mladá Boleslav
Lung (Ja-lung Lamleh Legs-Smon) exc. 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB

With this result he finished 

Big congratulation to Lung and his owner Jana!!!

  Bobo celebrated his 6th Birthday
Gyeshi Lamleh Legs-Smon " Bobo" - is big boy yet and thanks good care of his owner Mari is very hansome boy.
They are learning both together and visit shows in Finladn and around.

Good luck ou sweet boy!
06/2016 Club show Mladá Boleslav
Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon " Kerry" - exc. 1, CAC
(winner class)

A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon " Any" - exc. 1
(veteran class)

D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon " Yusha" - exc. 1
(honour class)

(judge: Hana Ahrens, A)

  June - the reason for the celebrations
This month Kerry and her brother celebrated 2nd Birthday!
... and our happy veteran Any celebrated her 13th Birthday!!!

Any is still full of energy, our lovely stubborn old lady. She loves to eat and run and we are happy she is in the good humour.

All the best for our baby - girls, we love you!

Show weeken in Nitra (SK)
10/6/2016 - NDS ... exc. 1, CAC, BOS,  11/6/2016 - IDS ... exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB,  12/6/2016 - IDS ... exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB

Thanks to judges: Suzana Verstovšek Mataković (HR), Nikola Smolić (HR), Adam Ostrowski (P)

05/2016 May in the big style
Kerry was in the VDH- Europasieger & Internationale Ausstelung 2016 Dortmund


6/5/2016 - exc. 2, res. CAC-VDH, res. CACIB (champion class) ... judge was removned tibetan terrier breeder from Finladn Mrs Tuula Platan (Karamain) and I value her judging very much.

7/5/2016 - exc. 1, CAC-VDH (champion class)... judge Tony Moran (IRL)

In the end of May we were in the very lovely weekend in Czech Paradise with Brukners with Eli, Aishi and Kamina and Jana with her gils Maya and Cherry. In Saturday we did with  Eva Holanová and Deeba and her son Gulli and Jana Matoušková with her Daisy soooo nice trip in Besedice. In Sunday we wisited in Czech Paradise some next nice places. We came back home tired but very satisfied.
Galery  here

After this weekend we had a little time se we were in IDS Litoměřice. Kerry won exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB :o)

04/2016 April ... time celebrate
In April we celebrate soooo many Birthdays - our "E" ... Elinka, Enynka, Nelinka and Jonᚠare veteran yet, "D" our belowed Yusha is 9 years old, "C" Kami, Kora and Šery are yet 10 years old but they still live their  happy life in full energy and finaly our "H" Aishi, Amy and Alf celebrated their 5th Birthday.

All the best for all from us ... and big thanks their owners for good care about our "puppies" !!!
In April we went with Kerry to Poland and were in two shows:

Club show IX. group F.C.I.  Opole
IDS Opole
Both days Kerry got exc. 1, CWC, best female and BOB

and finished

03/2016 Crufts  
I always wished to be part of this big show in Englad. We had luck last year and got qualification for Crufts. Then we had to do some other formalities and finaly it was possible to entry, find hotel, book tunnel ... and all things pack to Simona´s car ... we went with Simona Jemelkova and Martina Machačová with her two females.


We didn´t get placement but I think we presented us well and it was nice to see some friends there.
Next day we did a little trip during way home. Thanks Simona and Martina for nice days!

This Easters we spent with Brukners in the trips and we enjoyed it very much.

Galery here


01-02/2016 Show begin of the year  
The begin of the year we started in the shows in Brno:

NDS Brno - exc. 1, CAC
In this show also our Lung (Ja-lung Lamleh Legs-Smon) was very sucessful and got exc. 1, CAC, National Winner!

IDS Brno - exc. 1, CAC
IDS Brno - exc. 2, res. CAC

Kerry is CZECH CHAMPION now!


    In January also Yusha´s son Rimbaud (Išoleg Lamleh Legs-Smon) celebrated his Birthday with his lovely family :o)


* * * * *

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