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12/2014 Christmas greetings from our "doggie children" :o)
B´ Thami "Thami" Cambu "Kamík" E´Yoshi "Jonáš" Gyeshi "Bobo"
H´Amaia "Amy" H´ Aishi ""Aishi" Išoleg "Rimbaud" Ja-su Dha-ri "Dejzy"
Ja-Lung "Lung" Kailás "Leo" Kundun "Nui" Karpo "Karpo"

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24-28/12/2014 Christmas + trips (Rýzmburk, Dlouhá Louka)
We enjoyed Christmas ... I relaxed very much and did the trips with dogs to the castle and to the mountains.

Cristmas galery

24/12/2014 our Christkids Lung, Jany and Dejzy ("J" litter) celebrate 2nd Birthday.
It was very successful year for Lung and his owner Jana. They finished togehther Czech Junior Champion and Lungi was in hips exam with the bext result A. Thank you so much and all the best for next year!

First advent weekend we went to Germany to the Christmas Markets in  Straubing & Landshut ... it was sooooo nice day!!!

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26/11/2014 MultiCh. B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon "Thami" celebrates 10 th Birthday!!!


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17 a 23/11/2014

Near our town is very nice place   Saleisiovu výšinu, real paradise for our tibetans.

In the end of Novembre we made the short
video there.

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Ja-lung Lamleh Legs-Smon "Lungi" in intermediate class . exc. 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB. Our youngster Kerry (Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon) had her show premiere and got very promissing 1


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We went to visit our "puppy" Thasmi with hie owners Jarka and Jirka. Along the way we stoped in the castle  Kamýk nad Vltavou.

This year second time we went to Jeřabina, because also Kerry had to see this nice place :o)

Autumn trip with TT friends  Jílové u Prahy

We did short Holiday in the Germany. We were in the KTR club shows to see our friends and then we went to the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe (Kassel). Hope to come back in the future to see more (Kerry is too small to see all park :o)

In the sunny Sunday we went to the   castle Hasištejn near town Chomutov

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07/09/2014 Our dear Uti celebrates her 14th Birthday!!!
All the best our sweet old lady, we love you so much and hope you will be with us long time yet!

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One day after our last puppy left us we went with YUsha and Jany to see our big friends Irish Woulhound in their  Summer meeting of Irish Wolfhounds 

01-03/08/2014 Valečov ... Smržovka  
In the way to club show in Smržovka we visited with Any and Jany the castle Valečov a jeho okolí.
In the club show our kennel participated with two dogs - Ja-Lung Lamleh Legs-Smon "Lung" in intermediate class - exc. 1, CAC and our Any in veteran class - exc. 1.  


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Not only puppies can play ...

Also our big girls know to play ... and hoe big joy can bring a coconut? You can see here:
Any, Jany and coconut :o)
09/06/2014 Our Any celebrats her 11th Birthday!!!
All the best our sweet Any and stay still yourself!

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07/06/2014 We have puppies  
Our Yusha and very handsome english gentleman Gulgates Ice Spie are parents of our "K" litter. We have 5 puppies - 4 boys and 1 girl.

More informations and pictures

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Few kilometres from Litvínov we visite very often the view- tower Jeřabina. Our girls like to jump in the rocks there :o)

Near to us in the area České Středohoří is very beautiful ... we went with friends to village Stradonice

After that we went to visit our TT friend Byema with her owner Jitka in the farm Slavětín

We visited very nice and mystic place near famous czech town Karlovy Vary - Angel Hill

Easter Trip with friends in the very nice czech area  Kokořínsko


19/04/2014  Our travels ......
This year I´m planning to do more trips with the dogs. From the begin of the year I did it, only one we were at the CACIB show in Brno with our Jany (Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon). Jany doesn´t like show but the czech judge Mr Kubeš liked her and she was exc. 2 in young class.
And now some of our galeries from our trips:
09 - 13/04/2014
World Congress TT Retie, Belgium - we had so nice time with friends, we met some new people and had also the occasion to visite beautiful evropean cities Aachen (Germnany ) and Antwerpem (Belgium).
Aachen - Retie - Antwerpy

I decided in the last moment to go to see Crufts show ... thanks Lenka Chvala and Martina Machačová it was possible to go with them. We visited also the city Coventry

In the middle of February we visited one of my favourite castle

The Winter's Tale
in Dlouhá Louka

We decided to bring old bread to animals to the Deer park in 

Last news 2013

I added some news  from the last year 2013


Rimbaud celebrated his 2nd Birthday

Yusha´s son Rimbaud celebrated his 2nd Birthday with his wonderful family ... he had so nice party!
Thank you so much for care about this lovely young man!

And all the best our sweet boy!


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