Our last litter was born in May 2019
out of Ch.
Winter Wizzard at Silgarhi   &   C.I.B. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon
All pippues (4 males and 4 females) found new homes and are all really fine.

Photos and informations  you can see under "M" litter  

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12/2019 Christmas and New year celebration
Christmas and the end of last year we celebrated with our friends.
At the Christmas we had a visit of family Formánek with her TT girls. It was really nice evening.
The same day our Jany celebrated her 7th Birthday ... all the best for her and other our Christmas kids Dejzy and Lung.

In the end of the year we were first time at the Mountains with friends. Not so much snow was there so it was nice for the walk with the dogs, visit cakeshop ... simply we enjoyed it.


  CACIB Wels, A (07.-08.12.2019)
We decided to spend the first Advent weekend in Austria (in Wels the Christmas markets were disappointing for us, but in the end the late lunch and then the coffee in the Italian restaurant improved it ;-)

We did not expect much from the shows ... the competition was quite big and our tensions were great.

I entered Kerry to open class because we didn´t want to "fight" with other Czech friends  in the same class :-) And finally our results were perfect, Kerry showed herself nicely.

Thanks Martina Machačová and Lenka Chvala for nice weekend, I think we enjoyed it :-)

Karuna "Kerry"

Saturday:  exc. 2, res. CACA
Sunday: exc. 1, CACA

Peter Harsanyi (HU)
Andreas Korozs (HU)


  CACIB Praha (30.11.-01.12.2019)
Jany was entered for the last Czech shows in Prague. She was in a great mood for both days and showed herself great. Unfortunately, this time it was not enough for thejudges, but I am proud of it anyway :-)

Jang-Mu "Jany" (open class)

Saturday:  exc. 2, res. CAC (=CAC)
Sunday: exc. 3

Viera Vítkova (SK)
Zuzana Brotánková

11/2019 Weekend in the mountains with friends (8.-10.11.2019)
Like last year I decided to celebrate my birthday together with our "doggie friends" in Smržovka. As always we went to "Penzion u Potůčku", which belongs to our club chairman Ivo. We enjoyed great gooses and little walks (really just a little, because the weather wasn´t the best this time).

Thanks to all friends, it was great !!!

10/2019 Autumne trip with Tibetan Terriers (26.10.2019)
We spent very nice day with TT friends in autumne trip with great weather, lovely place and finished great lunch :-)

I was happy to see our "children" together:
Kerry, Janny, Eli and Aishi and from our last litter Freya "Madhymika", Margo "Margad" and Majda "Mahayana".

We also met some of our "grandchildren" out of Lung and Maya.

Thank yoi friends for lovely day and see you next year!


Special show of TT Mladá Boleslav (19.10.2019)

Great results of our "puppies" in special shos of Tibetan Terriers:

Ja-lung "Lung" - exc. 1 (honour class)
Madhyamika (Freya) - VP2 (puppy class)
Jang-Mu "Jany" - exc. 2, res. CAC (open class)
Karuna "Kerry" - exc. 1, CAC (winner class)
D´Yusha - exc. 1, BOV (veteran class)

Judge: Petr Řehánek
  CACIB České Budějovice (13.10.2019)
In Saturday we visited next our puppy Mosha "Bello" and his  perfect family. They live in České Budějovice.

In Sunday we went to international show:

Madhyamika (Freya) - VP (puppy class)
Jang-Mu "Jany" - exc. 1, CAC (topen class)

Judge: Simon Oliver (CR)

  CAC Jelenia Góra, PL (06.10.2019)
Our "puppyboy" C.I.B. Ja-lung "Lung" is showing really nice so he deserved his result
exc. 1, CWC in Poland

Congratulations to Jana and Lung! 

Little Holiday !!!

... we didn´t have time for "big" Holiday this year because of the puppies so we decided to go to the Moravis for the few days and visit some of our puppies :-)

Jana with Freya, Maya and Cherry went with us. We visited some very nice places and will continue next year.



09/2019 Reginal dogs show Louny (29.09.2019)
We usualy didn´t visite this small shows ... but the town Louny is not so far from us and ... Freya needed to train without Maya and Cherry. So I entered almost all our girls (only Any stayed home :-)

And the judges apreciated the qualities of my girls:
Jang-mu "Jany" - exc. 1, Winner of the open class, Regional Winner
Karuna "Kerry" - exc. 1, Winner of the honour class, BIS3 of the Winner of honour classes
D´Yusha - exc. 1, Winner of the veteran class, BIS2 veteran - female

... and all my girls BIS breeding group.

Freya wasn´t so excited of the show but it was good training for her. She was VP3.


  We like trips to the rocks .... Rocks Tisá
We like to visit rocks ... and of our the most favourite are rocks in Tisá (not so far from Ústí nad Labem).
We have to star early morning because other people like this place too and not all are willing to accept our flying dogs  :-)



09/2019 KTR-Spezialausstellung Schauenburg-Hoof 01.09.2019
We went to this show because od the judge and we also wanted meet with our german friends :-)

and our results wasn´t bad:
D´Yusha - exc. 3 (veteran class, 6 females)
Karuna "Kerry" - exc. 2, res. CAC, res. CAC-VDH (champion class, 5 females)
Lakini Magic "Mathilda" - exc. 2, res. CAC, res. CAC-VDH (open class, 5 females)

... and all together 2nd "Breeding group"


Thanks to judge Primož Peer (SLO)


08/2019 Club show TT 03.08.2019 Smržovka
The representants of our kennel:
Ja-lung - exc. 2, res. CAC (champion class)
Jang-Mu - exc. 1, CAC (open class)
D´Yusha - exc. 1, BOV (veteran class)

... and all together "Best breeding group"

... also some of Yusha and Kerry´s grandchildren were there and were doing great.

Antonín Mudra


Lakini Magic Lamleh Legs-Smon "Mathilda" - was in her first shows with really great results:

Gemeinschaftsausstellung ILT/KTR/CTA 22.06.2019
judge: Dr. Andreas Schemel (A)



9th June our Any celebrated her 16th Birthday.

She is old lady but still has a lot of energy :-)

We wish her strong health the other she has with us .... :-)

More photos
It´s official ... Ja-lung Lamleh Legs-Smon "Lung" is Champion Internationale de Beauté (C.I.B.)

Congratulations to Lung and his owner Jana !!!

Ling´on Ice Lamleh Legs-Smon - HD-A2, 40 cm, PLL, CCL, rcd4, PRA3 - clear by parentage.

CAC Köln-Hürth

exc. 1, CAC VDH, CAC CTA
judge: Ralf Golzem

Kundun Lamleh Legs-Smon "Nui" had to move to new home because of illness of his owner. He lives in family Neum with friend Greg and is really sweet and happy boy.

04/2019 Club show TT 27.04.2019 Mladá Boleslav
This year represeted our kennel in the club show:
Ja-lung - exc. 1 (honour class)
D´Yusha - exc. 2 (veteran class)

... and also some of Yusha and Kerry´s grandchildren

Branco Milenkovič (SRB)

Lhona Lamleh Legs-Smon "Eli" is "Club Champion" of the czech Tibetan Terrier Club.

Congratulations to Eli and her owner Marie

Our sweetheart Yusha celebrated her 12th Birthday. She is still happy and lovely old lady with a lot of energy. She loves food, cookies and I hope she loves also us .... but we love her for sure  :-)

... and we all are looking forward her next grandchildren ;-)

   Last year was very successful for our kennel. I have to thank to all owners our dogie´s children - not only those who are showen and used in the breeding. Thank you all for your perfect care. I´m looking forward to see some of you again in the new year and I wish all the best to you!

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