24-31/12/2013 Christmas - Silvester
Last day of the year we were with our friends. I don´t like to sit and watch TV with cookies so we spent a lot of time in the trips:

25/12/2013 - Castle Kostomlaty
26/12/2013 - Park of the castle Krásný dvůr
28/12/2013 - Castle Košťálov
31/12/2013 - Silvester with Brukners (Ela and Aishi´s owners)
24/12/2013 Our "J" puppies celebrated their 1st Birthday
14/12/2013 Workshop - Masage of the dogs

Yvona with Ela and me with Yusha were in Workshop - Masages of the dogs. It was very interesting. we learnt very much usuful and try to do masage and streching 

Some pictures you can see HERE

07/12/2013 Trip to the Christmasmarket in Germany

We went with Yvona and my mom to Schweinfurt & Würzburg.  Galery HERE

30/11/2013 Advent trip with Tibetan Terriers

Last trip with friend we had in Radlík near Jílové u Prahy. It was so nice, we had nice weather and we spent nice time together. Galery HERE.

26/11/2013    Thami celebrated Birthday
Our "puppy" from  "B" litter Thami celebrated his 9th Birthday. All the best our sweet boy!!!

We visited him and his family and it was nice weekend with them all.
06/10/2013 Special show KTP Viničné (SK)
We went to see Tibet Dog Europe in Slovakia this year. We entered the Specialty in Sunday under special judge and TT breeder  Primož Peer (Slovenia).
Yusha had her worse day and so she was exc. 3 in champion class.
Our happy veteran Any was soo good, Mr. Peer liked her so much (she was in selection for BOB with the winner of champion class) and finaly she won Best veteran in the show. I was so happy and thanks Mr. Peer very much!


14/09/2013 Uti had Birthday party :o)  
Uti had Birthday Party at her daughter Cora and her owner´s Saša cottage. She had soooo good doggie cake. Brukners with Uti´s grandchildren Eli and Aishi cake to celebrate with us.

We did the nice trip in the forest, had human cake also and then we did the saussages in the fire. Thanks Saśa, Yvona, Luděk and my mom for nice afternoon and hope we will repeat it soon!

Galery from the Uti´s Party

07/09/2013 Utka celebrates her 13th Birthday
All the best for our little queen Uti!
She is our sun 13 years!

After two weeka Holiday our girls came back. We had to bath them and so the Birthday party will be next week!
31/08/2013 The trip with TT and their friends (Křivoklát)
Last August weekend we went with Yusha and Jany to TT trip. Bruknes with Eli and Aishi found so nice trip in the forest. Then we visited good pub and did little "family" walk again.

The weather was sooooo nice. The 16 people with 18 dogs were there.
I hope we will have the one trip again to the Christmas :o)

I did some pictures this time:

24-25/08/2013 2 x MVP Leipzig  
C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"

1. den:
exc.1, Vet. CAC .
.. all conditions for German Veteran Champion

2. den:
exc. 2, res. Vet. CAC

(photo: Martina Adámeková)

16/08/2013 Amy  

H´Amaia Lamleh Legs-Smon had nice Holiday with her owners. Thanks for lovely pictures!

03-04/08/2013 Club show and meeting TT Smržovka (Penzion U Potůčku)

First Ausgust weekend we went to the club show and meeting in Smržovka. Our dogs were really good in the show:
Ch. H´Aishi Lamleg Legs-Smon ... exc. 1, CAC (champion class) ... this time with Yvona ... they were very good!

Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Jany" ... P2
(puppy class) ... Jany didn´t show well :o))

C.I.B. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon ... exc. 2, res. CAC (champion class) ... Yusha had her day, she was the best for me :o)

C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any" ... exc.2 (veteran class)

Galerie z výstavy:
Galery from the show (Tomáš Jemelka) a TT Galery in the movement (Kateřina Kovaříková)

C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"


C.I.B. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha"

Ch. H´Aishi Lamleh Legs-Smon "Aishi"

Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Jany"

Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any"


   (photo: Kateřina Kovaříková)

Saturday afternoon I did funny competition for the people and dogs. This year we had a nice walk in the forest with very easy competition. All were so good and we had nice afternoon! In the evening we saw the presentation of the trip in Nepál of  Ivo Rašín (owner Penzion "U Potůčku". Some more pictures from the weekend here: Moments from the show, funny competition and TT meeting

In Sunday we visited our friends Jana and Sváťa with nice village near Jičín. We had nice afternoon in lovely garden. Thank you all for nice weekends and see you next year first Ausgus weekend in the the same place!

21/07/2013 CACIB Mladá Boleslav  
In the CACIB show our kennel presented Ja-lung "Lung" with Jana again.
The czech very strictly judge Miroslav Václavík liked him and so Lung got
VP2. Congratulations!

We went to see him with mommy Yusha and sister Jany. It was nice to see them all again and we are so proud of them!

11/07/2013 Bobo celebrated 3th Birthday  
Yusha first son Gyeshi Lamleh Legs-Smon "Bobo" celebrated in Finland his 3th Birthday ... time is so fast! We wish him and his owners Kirsi and Mari all the best.
29/06 - 07/07/2013 Holiday  
I decided this year Holiday went to the cottage of our friends near Karlovy Vary. We did bicykling with Yusha and Any ... and Jany trained little too. We visited many very interesting places in this area. It was so nice weekend. More pictures  in facebook


Any, Jany a Yusha at the Angel hill near Karlovy Vary

16/06/2013 Jizerské hory - Smržovka  

Ela Aishi Yusha
It was soooo hot week and we decided to visit mountains in the weekend. We had to prepare the journey in the forest for the funny competition in August during club show and meeting of TT friends. We enjoyed super Saturday with Brukners. After return we did grill party and in Sunday morning we went back home. More picture in FB galery

Kino u Bruknerů
Ela chodí do kina pravidelně, Aishi je kulturní barbar, ten jen nárazově ... oba svorně se snaží dostat zařízení kina na zoubek ... naštěstí je odolné a stále zdokonalované páníčky a tak se jim to nepovedlo.

Yusha byla představením také nadšená, hlasitě ho komentovala :o)

Jany   Yusha po náročném sobotním programu
16/06/2013 NV výstava Klatovy  
In the national show in Klatovy our puppy - girl Dhari "Daisy" now and she was really good:

Ja-su Dhari Lamleh Legs-Smon "Daisy" ... VP1 (puppy class)

Congratulations to Daisy, her "sister" Aimi i owners Lada  and Míla!

09/06/2013 Club show TT Lanškroun

To the club show we went with Aishi and his owners Yvona and Luděk. Aishi decided he hadn´t his day and didn´t want to show teeth (we saw latter he had some in teeth :o( So sorry because the judge Zdeněk Klimet liked him.  Our girls was better:

C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any" ... exc.1 (veteran class) ... Any celebrated in Lanškroun her 10th Birthday!!!
Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Jany" ... VP
1 (puppy class)

foto: Sengge    
26/05/2013 CACIB Litoměřice

When we went to Austria, the male from our last  litter Ja-lung "Lung" with his owner Jana  were in their first show in Litoměřice. The judge was slovak judge Linda Voláriková and Lung got VP. Congrats and see you soon!

25/05/2013 ÖTH KLUBSCHAU
We decided to go after some time to the club show in Austria. The show was in the nice place and we met our friends there.

The judge was breed specialist Karin Acker (D)

C.I.B. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any" ... exc.1 VS, Vet. Sieger NÖ (veteran class)

Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Jany" ... VP2
(puppy class)

11/05/2013 Nepomuk

We visited our friends Jarka and Jirka Bucek - the owners the boy of our "B" litter Thami, Dany´s daughter and their doggie friends. Thanks Jarka and Jirka for really nice Saturday. It was nice to see together after long time. Jany liked their flander bouvier Artuš very much :o)


Jany was in her first show in puppy class. The brother Lung came too see her. She got very nice description from the polish judge Mr Redlicki and was VP2 place.

Ja-Lung "Lung" Lung, Yusha and Jany "Jang-mu "Jany"
  April - Birthday celebration month
And last of our April puppies celebrated their Birthday .... "H"litter Amy, Aishi and Hothi (Alfík)




Our "C" litter Kora, Kami and Shery are  7 years old ...  and enjoy their life with them nice families!




Our sweet Yusha celebrated her 6th Birthady ... time flies so fast!!!

05/04/2013 Eli, Eny, Nelli and Jonas celebrated 5th Birthday ...  thank their families very much for excellent care, they are wonderful!
Eli Eny Jonas
02/02/2013 CACIB Brno  
Yusha´s son Rimbaud (photo right) (Išoleg Lamleh Legs-Smon) was in his first show with excellent result:
exc. V1, CAJC

Aný´s son Aishi (photo left)(H´Aishi Lamleh Legs-Smon) got last CAC and finished the title:

Congrats to all owner of "our" boys!

10/01/2013 Rimbaud celebrates his 1st Birthday!

Yusha´s son Rimbaud celebrated his 1st Birthday with his wonderful family ... he had so nice party!

All the best our sweet boy!



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