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All our puppies are in new home, female "Otka" stays with her family :-)

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07/2020 Klubová výstava Smržovka  
Yusha - exc. 1, Best of veteran
Jany - exc. 1, CAC, Club Winner
Kerry - exc. 1, CAC
and our "puppies"
Lung (Ja-lung) - exc. 2, res. CAC
Lucky (Lha-Gje-Lho) - exc. 2, res. CAC
Freya (Madhyamika) - vg 3
judge: Ing. Naděžda Klírová (CZ)

Thanks all our doggie owner (Jana, Jana and Adéla) for representation of our kennel.





Lung Kerry Lucky
... we live in beautiful country and so we decided this year spend 2 weeks Holiday to travel and find new places in our country we can do with dogs. We found three dog friendly accomodations, visited our doggie family and also a lot of really beautiful places.

GALERIE 1   ....   GALERIE 2                      
06/2020 Our Anynka celebrated 17th Birthday and had big Birthday party
Any is our first and only one puppy. She was always very special in her ming and character. She is really lovely with dogs and people all her life. Now she is old lady but still has some of her special characters ... she still go into the back and try to find someting she can steal and eat, she is still stubborn and have her ming when we with vet decide she needs to cut her nails  :-)


  Kerry also celebrated
... it´s 6 years yet she fulfils our lovely with minimaly one noncences a day :-)
But also she gave us two really lovely litters and because we think lovely tibetans aren´t enought in the world, we plan her next litter for this Autumne. It will be really special litter for us.
   Next trips with the friends  
.. with our "puppies" and their "puppies" :-)).
05/2020 Trips  
After long time of the caranteen we went almost every weekend to the trips with the friends in our lovely area:
ČESKÝ KRUMLOV - without dogs and without thousands tourists :-)
  Castle Pravda aand the celebration of the Birthday
A lovely trip with friends to the ruin of the castle Pravda with the Birthday celebration of our Yusha, Any´s children Eli and Aishi and Kerry´s daughter Freya
      Krásné roční narozeniny našim "M" legssmoňatům
Maya ... Madhyamika "Freya" ... Monsha "Bello" ... Manikhorlo "Mani"
Mahayana "Majda" ... Malika ... Margad "Margo" ... Maitreya "Edík" is fine and happy but we didn´t get his actual photo
04/2020 Eduard rock - Malý Háj  
After time we finaly went to the m...ountains again ... windy, cold but really nice walk
04/2020 We are celebrating  
Yusha is the second one from our puppies who celebrate their Birthday in April. Our little lady is now 13 years old. We wish her all the best. We made a cake for her but it was celebrate only at home because of the situation now. I promisse I will make delicious cake also for our doggie friends latter. 

I will do it expecialy for Eli, who had her 12th Birthday one week sooner!! I wish her also health and many next years and thanks Yvona a Luděk for great care they give to Eli and his halfbrother Aishi .... we love you!

Also all the best for
Kamik and Cora who celebrated 14th Birthday and from the end of April Aishi, Amy and  Hotík are 9 years old.

03/2020  New pictures in the galeries of our girls
We didn´t have time to do someting special in the begin of the year because we did reconstruction of our bathroom and kitchen. We went to some little trips with friends (galeries in our FB profile) and then .... you know, we have to be home because of the coronavirus :-( But we still have a lot of to do and so we added some new pictures to our girls galeries in their personal pages. 
01/2020 We added new of the last part of 2019
Memory to the ond of 2019 Christmas and New year celebration
Christmas and the end of last year we celebrated with our friends.
At the Christmas we had a visit of family Formánek with her TT girls. It was really nice evening.
The same day our Jany celebrated her 7th Birthday ... all the best for her and other our Christmas kids Dejzy and Lung.

In the end of the year we were first time at the Mountains with friends. Not so much snow was there so it was nice for the walk with the dogs, visit cakeshop ... simply we enjoyed it.


   Year 2019 was cery successful and hectic ... Kerry had her second litter with 8 puppies again. So we had part of the year to do with them. They all found very lovely new homes. We visited few shows ... Kerry started in second half of the year, Yusha showed only in club shows and one club show in Germany. Jany is really lovely girl so I decided to try the shows with her (she doesn´t like shows :-) ... and her results weren´t bed too.
I thank to all owners of our doggie children, I wish the all the best in new year and hope we will have time to meet each other!

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