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I offer a video of this year most important exhibition  Tibetan Terrier Specialty v Oer-Erkenschwicku held at Tibetan Terrier World Congres. The video is on DVD. At each dog you find a title with catalogue data   (parents, breeder, owner) and the dogs have names in succession there.  You have an extraordinary occasion to see really presentable representatives of not only Europeran breed, but also American one. In total 145 Tibetan Terriers were presented at the exhibition.

If you are interested, the video record is available for Euro 7.   All you need to do is send an email to:       



We wish to you Merry Christmas and happy new year, many healthy and luck!!!


Thami a Shalu celebrated 1st birthday

 Dany celebrated 10th birthday
   8.12. 1995 was born you derling Danny.  He got good cake. We had a visite of our friends Eva Holanová (Kipu-Khyim Tibetan Terriers) with her girls, Aj´lin and Ashar 
CAC Annaberg  26-27/11/2005
We visited with U-ti Germany. In Annyberg were two CAC shows in the weekend.
 It was first advent weekend and it was snowing. The roads were good. The shows and the people are very agreable. 
Judges: saturday - Mrs. Peper (D), sunday - Mr. Kazmierski (Pl)..

Uti was V2, res. CAC-VDH, res. CAC in both days.

Some pictures from the weekend you can see  here

 CAC Praha 13/11/2005


 Last show in Czechia was in Prague - Letňany. Thami showed in young class and got exc. 1, CAJC. Many thanks to Jarka and Jiri Bucek !!!


   CACI Nitra 06/11/2005
Any got from the judge Mrs Elina Tan-Hietalahti (Finland) exc. 2, res. CAC.  The results you can find:

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Martina Adámeková made new website about Tibetan Terriers in Slovakia:  
19/12/2005  New photos of Thami and Shalu (10- 11 months)  here

Shalu  in Amerika

Anette sent to me new photos of our little Shalu (B´ Shalu Lamleh Legs-Smon). She is very happy girl. She plays with Anette dogs and with Anette´s husband Tom :o))) Shalu looks like her mother U-ti. U-ti´s pedigree is from line breeding of Ch. Malishar´s Si-Mo la Dscho Utra. His very nice typ U-ti, her mother Rang Gi and Shalu. You can see here 


 CACIB České Budějovice   09/10/2005 


Thami showed in this show with me. He is very very nice boy and he showed good.  He got  exc. 1, CAJC and finished Czech juniorchampionAny got in open class exc. 2, res. CAC

Many congratulations to Thami´s owner Jarka!!!


CAC Brno   25/09/2005

Judge:  Josef Němec (CZ)

Dany finished his Czech veteran championThami with her owner Jarka showed very well and got exc. 1, CAJC. Any showed first time in open class in Czechia and was exc. 2, res. CAC. 


 Alma a Thami have new website!

Danny´s daugher Alma and our little Thami (B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon) have very nice new website (now in czech only). You can see  here.

U-ti´s brother!    
Jana Pravdová sent to me the photografies of U-ti´s brother "Tailor" (Dscho Utra Um-Dze). In this picture he is in Tibetan Terrier Association open show (6th August,2005).
Tailor are living in England at Nichola Duckworth´s. He moved this spring from kennel Dscho Utra of Anette and Tom Ohman in USA. He had some nice descendants last year at Anette´s - their pictures you can see here: Sangye, Skye and Anna. I think he looks like my U-ti :o))) 
Best wishes to Tailor and Nichola!!!!
CACIB Mladá Boleslav 04/09/2005
I showed my Dany in veteran class. He was nice but he didn´t  like show in this time. 
Our puppy from U-ti´s second litter Thami showed first time in young class. He won and got exc. 1, CAJC. Many congratulations for Thami and his owners Buckovi. 
After show we went with our friend Eva Holanová and her girls Aj´lin and Ashar to visite the castle Valečov. It was very very pleasant time to walk with dogs in the wood. 
Then we had a dinner and went home. We had very nice sunday!!! Some pictures of our dogs you can see here 

B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon

31/08/2005  You can see some new pictures of our dogs  here

CACIB Bratislava    20-21/8/2005

Any showed in open class very well and got the excellent results:   20/8/2005: V2,res.CAC, judge: Erwin Deutscher (A), 21/8/2005: V2,res.CAC, judge: Roberto Schill (RO). I´m very happy. Any is so good show dog. She loves the show ring :o)))

After shows we visited our friend Michaela with her Ampo in Hodonín. On monday we went to Olomouc and visited Jemelka´s. They have very nice puppies (JCh. Tschumar Lamleh von Nama-schu x Ch. San Tserei Laika). Their puppies you can see in website Sengge.

Alma a Thami in Krkonoše

You can see some new pictures of Danny´s daughter Alma and Thami of your second litter. They stended one week in Krkonoše with them owner Jarka and her daughter Andulka. 



My parent´s Kuba is celebrating 14th birthday. He is in very good condition, healthy and happy. In the same day flander bouvier Artuš is celebrating 4th birthday.  Artuš lives with his owner Buckovi and with our Thami (B´Thami Lamleh Legs-Smon) and with our Danny´s daughter Alma (Alanscha Dkarba Zajdy). He is very good and happy boy. 
Happy Birthday our boys!!
We had nice nice Holiday with our friends!!!!!
Kasík, Asánek, Uti, Dany, Any, Alma, Jimi and Thami

Ch. Malishar´s Si-Mo la Dscho Utra

  Uti´s grandfather Si-Mo is 16,5 years old now. You can find him in many pedigrees of tibetan terriers on the all World. Si-Mo looks and thinks like young man. In the pictures he is finding our Shalu, because she has her first season :o))) Si-Mo is big man!!!

We hope he will be healthy and nice many time still. Best wishes Si-Mo!!!
For having biger picture, click on the little picture.

Our Any is celebrating her 2st birthday!!!


Our Any (Silveridge Golden Parson x Dscho Utra U-ti) has 2 years. We all love her, she is our great sun......

Last pictures of Thami ("B" litterú in 6 months you can see  here.

Last pictures of our puppies in 5 months you can see  here.


We had a visite of my friend and her daughters Veronika and Michela. They are having female of lhasa apso Mušle. We visited  Zoopark in Chomutov. On Saturday we visited  Castle Jezeří. This castle is very nice old building.


Last Videoclip of our puppies in e 4 months (26.3.2005, 3,3 MB)


Our friends in Slovakia have new puppies.  In the kennel DHANGARHI  (owner Alena Fajerova) they have three nice males (ICh. Bembow Lamleh a Child of Kyirong x Ch. Dhangarhi Chogla Himalaya). If you are interested in a nice puppy, you can find more details at their website or contact Alena whenever. You can also see the photos of the puppies and their parents  here


Our puppies Thami and Shalu celebrated 4 months birthday. Them new pictures you can see  here


My Dany´s daughter Alma (Alanscha Dkarba Zajdy) is celebrating her 5th birthday. Alma is our big friend and she is my Dany in little :o))) You can see here, if it´s true :o) I thank very much for her very nice picture to Buckovi.  Our little prince Thami lives with Alma and her family. Best wishes!!!!!


  Last weekend we pasted two shows in Nitra (Slovakia). Any won her first slovak CAC. We met some of our friend and it was nice saw them. Some pictures from Nitra you can see  here. 

Our youngster A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any" is 21 months old. My Dany is my good luck, Uti my sun and Any our darlink. I visited my friend Michaela. She is ohotographer and we made some new  pictures of our Any


Our little prince Thami has  New photogalery. His new family is very kind. Thami is happy puppy and all his family is happy with him :o))) I hope will will visite him before Shalu´s arrival.... 


Last pictures of your puppies you can se  here.


Thami is in him new family at my friends Jarka and Jiri. He is having 3 dog friends and being very happy. Jarka is sending to me news and pictures and I´m happy that our little boy has so nice home. You can see his last pictures in his new home here.


Shalu is waiting for her long way to Anette (Dscho Utra kennel). She is very lovely and very happy puppy too. She runs and playa with Uti and Any. 


New pictures of our lovely puppies in 8 weeks you can find  here . They are si big still :o))


New Videoclip od puppies 6 weeks old (17.1.2005, 3,6 MB).


You can see  here new pictures of our puppies Thami and Shalu. They are 7 weeks  old and they are so lovely. They are playing with our "big". Big sister Any is taking care and runing all days :o))


Our puppies are 1 month old and you can see them last photos here.


Videoclip of our little Shalu and  Thami 26 days old (22.12.2004, 2 MB).


Puppies are 3 weeks old now.  They are eating, sliping and runing all time :o) They are very lovely and all our family and our friends like them! Some new picture of puppies you can see  here. 


 Videoclip of our puppies Shalu and  Thami 16 days old (12.12.2004). They are very lovely puppies. All our family and dogs take care them :o)))


Dany celebrated her 9th birthay. Puppies are very lovely in their 2 weeks.  Some picture od Dany and puppies here  and new pictures  of puppies. 


 New pictures of our puppies. They are 3 days old. They are very happy and healthy. U-ti is great mom. All our dogs help to to take care :o)) 


 Happy Halloween!

Anette send to me very nice pictures with them daughter Anna and U-ti´s niece and nephew.... 

U-ti´s mom Rang gi will have puppies soon. We are very happy!!!!!

U-ti is very nice, satisfied and eats very well! She is staing all time in my lap.....


Dscho Utra U-ti

is celebrating 4th. birthday.
Our Uti was born 7th Septembre 2000 in the kennel Dscho Utra of Anette Ohman (Palmer). She has 4 brothers. Uti loves life, she is our big Sun. She have  very good humour always :o) She loves all members of your family and has some good friends. We are very happy with Uti and her daughter Any. They are with our boy Dany great tibetan team!!!!
All the best Uti!

Our girl Any celebrates her 1st birthday. You can see her last pictures .....      


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