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Our lovely Winter x Kerry´s puppies were born in the night 10th May, 2019.
We have 4 males and 4 females.


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Ch. Winter Wizzard at Silgarhi   &   C.I.B. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon




We choice for the seconde litter of our youngest family membre Kerry an english gentleman Ch. Winter Wizzard at Silgarhi. Winter is bred by Sara Cross and Frauke Neum in the famous english kennel Silgarhi and lives with Frauke and her family in Germany. He is very nice, sweet male with excellent type, very nice typical movement, sweet character and good pedigree. Kerry is clever little lady with lovely character. She is my "dreams come true" puppy, because I wanted continue my breeding with Yusha´s daughter and Uti´s granddaughter. She likes not only to play but also work. She likes play doggie puzzle and other ones where she needs to use brain. This litter is nice combination of good english and american lamleh dogs. Thanks Sara and Frauke I can do this combination.

Both parents are DNA tested for CCL and PLL and have good healthy results.

* * * * *

Puppies from this combination will be very nice, typical tibetan terrier with lovely character. They will be promissing for the shows and breed but they will be realy good family members. Do you want some more information? Contact us in our e-mail: legs-smon@seznam.cz

   Ch. Winter Wizzard at Silgarhi C.I.B. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon    

*  4.11.2010, dark sable, HD-2/4=6 (GB), PRA,LL-neg., 
DNA CCL, PLL, PRA3 - clear by parentage, rcd4 - carr.

* 7.6.2014, sobolí, bílé zn., HD-A, PL-0/0, PRA,LL-neg., 
DNA CCL, PLL, RCD4 - clear, PRA3 - clear po rodièích
 English Champion, CAC KTR+VDH, CACIB, BOB, BOS,
vet. CAC -KTR+VDH atd.
Interchampion (C.I.B.), zech Grandchampion, Czech, Slovak, Polish abd Bulgarian Champion, Club Champion TTC, Czech Junior champion, Junior Club Winner, 7 x CACIB, Junior BIS 2, 4x BOB, BOJ, BOS atd.

Ch. Winter Wizzard at Silgarhi

HD – 2/4=6 (GB), dark sable,
DNA CCL, PLL, PRA3 - clear by parentage,
Silgarhi Gimli
black & white, PRA,PL-free,
DNA CCL, PLL, PRA2, rcd4 -clear

Silgarhi Kazik
Silgarhi Pytheas
Silgarhi Zerlina
brindle -
Sa-ri Silgarhi Lamleh von Nama-schu  
C.I.B. Silveridge McCloud Hermit, black
C.I.B. Xam-ba Lamleh von Nama-schu, black

Eyala Tseringma Sangmo La Mani
black, HD-3/5 (GB)

Ch. Senge Of Sjo-who-sji-bib
black, HD-A
Ch. A-Mas Rigs-Pa Pha-Lam of Silveridge gold sable

Ch. Ta-ra-ni Lamleh von Nama-schu black, white marks
Ha-na ho-ni Ming-ma Lamleh v.d. Lobenbreite
black and tan, HD-A
Gulgates It's Magic gold sable
Xan-tia Xa-li Lamleh von der Lobenbreite black, white marks

C.I.B., multi Ch. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon

HD – A/A, PL-0/0, sable, white marks,
DNA CCL, PRA a rcd4-clear, PRA3 - clear by parentage

Gulgates Ice Spie

HD-3/4 (A), PRA,LL-neg., 
black & white
DNA CCL, PLL, PRA3, rcd4 - tested,  18/10/2008


Gulgates Kyi-Chu
black & white

Tsering Kungo Dawa of Gulgates  black & white
Gulgates Holika Michaux

Gulgates Ice Gala
black white parti

Gulgates Garuda
black w/white
Gulgates Dynamic Ice
white ticked

C.I.B. MultiCh. 
D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon

HD – A/A, PL-0/0, black, white marks, DNA CCL, PLL-clear


Silgarhi Oberon 
HD-A, white-sable
KC Z5388102


Passiflora Bourbon Rose
black with white
Silgarhi Zerlina
white - sable

C.I.B. Multi Ch Dscho Utra U-ti (US), HD - B, black, CCL-free

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, black 

Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US), CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, gold sable

Our puppies have ground vaccination, microchip, Pet-passport, Export pedigree, and have more times devorming. They have a good socialization with other dogs and people. They are not only in the puppy box, but they move also in our living room and can play with different toys what they recognize in the right age. They have an occasion to meet different places and know to go by the car in the box. We feed them with different kinds of food to know all. 
You can see our puppies in online camera all day and see puppies in the pictures in our website!
In our kennel we prefere good pedigrees with typical nice tibetans. We value our pedigrees and choice the male from the renowned kennels only with good character and only with all healthy examinations and DNA tests. 
We stay in the contact with the owners of our puppies and would like to know all what is happend with our puppies. The owners of our puppies are sure we help them in all situations.
photos in this website: Frauke Neum, Radana Sojková, atd.

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