"E" litter Legs-Smon
Dondup Tschörten Sangmo La Mani ICh. A'Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon

The puppies were born  April 5th 2008

Any´s first puppies were born on Saturday in the morning - Any has four healthy and nice puppies - one black and white boy and three females - sable with white marsk, black and black with white marks.  All puppies have very very good families and we stay in the touch with them.  You can their pictures: 



4 weeks 4,5 weeks 6 weeks

7 weeks

7,5 weeks 8-9 weeks 10-12 weeks

Pictures from new homes:

Eyala Lamleh Legs-Smon (Eli) 4 months 5 - 8,5 months 2 years

3 years

E-naya Lamleh Legs-Smon (Eny) 4 months 8 months 2 years

3 years

Emaia Lamleh Legs-Smon (Nelli) 8 months
E´Yoshi Lamleh Legs-Smon (Jonáš) 5,5 monts 8 months

3 years


Family meeting Mšeno (04/2009)


3 týdny

4-5 týdnů

5 týdnů

7,5 týdne

Dondup Tschörten Sangmo La Mani ICh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon
HD-A, * 13/7/2006 HD-A/B, PL-0/0, * 9/6/2003
Interchampion, Slovak Grand Champion, Deutcher Champion (VDH), Slovak and Polish Champion, Club Champion TTC, Cruft's Qualification 2008, CAC CR, Cro, Slo, BOB 

* * *

I chose for Any´s  first litter young male  from german breed. Dondup is very kind, happy and friendly boy. His father is my favourite Silgarhi Oberon "Otis" (white - sable) from english lamleh line and mother is american lamleh and very successful female Ch. Sitatara Horpa Tso "Sara" (black).  Our Any´s father is Ch. Silveridge Golden Parson "Phillip" (gold sable and white) who was imported from world-known english kennel Silveridge and has very very nice and kind character and Any´s mother is our darling and big sun Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti "Utka" (black). American lamleh will predominate in the pedigree of puppies.  I like this type very much. The puppies have excellent type with elegant movement, nice head, look and body. But especially they have kind, friendly and funny character like their parents have. 

All puppies from this litter are in their good new homes. But if you are interested in Tibetan Terrier puppy of our next litter and if you are a person who wants to give a nice home to our beloved puppies, please contact me at my e-mail address:   legs_smon@centrum.cz




"E" litter


Dondup Tschörten Sangmo La Mani (Ge)
born:: 13/7/2006, HD-A, black, white marks


Silgarhi Oberon (GB)
born:: 16/10/1999, HD-A, white-sable
Passiflora Bourbon Rose
black with white
born: 2/24/1998
Lehlam Kalyani of Passiflora
white & gold, HD-5/5
Lehlam Chrysantheme of Passiflora
black & white
Silgarhi Zerlina
born: 9/5/1992
Lehlam Rar-Jar
Silgarhi Hippolyta
Ch. Sitatara Horpa Tso (Ge)
born:: 7/11/1999, HD-A, black
Schanti's Samson-Lamleh
: 6/14/1997, HD-B,
ICh. Schanti's Reggi-Lamleh
HD-A, sable
Ch. A-mas Tsin-Da Ma-ni of Schanti's (Swe)
HD-A, sable with white marks
Sitatara Cakini
: 11/16/1996, HD-A, sable
ICh. Ba-tu Lamleh von Nama-schu
HD-A, gold sable, white marks
Sambhoga Kaya Gi-Lin's Fahti-Mah (Hol)
Interchampion, Slovak Grand Champion, Deutcher Champion (VDH), Slovak and Polish Champion, Club Champion TTC, Cruft's Qualification 2008, CAC CR, Cro, Slo, BOB 

A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon born:: 9/6/2003HD - A/B, PL-0/0, black


Deutscher, VDH Champion, Deutscher Jugendchampion

Silveridge Golden Parson (GB)
born:: 5/15/1998, HD-A, sable & white

Ch. A-Mas Rigs-Pa Pha-Lam of Silveridge (Swe)
gold sable
: 10/23/1991
black, white and sable marks
Ch. A-mas Ti-Tsha Sofi of Dge-Ltas
Silveridge Emery's Dark May (GB)
red sable
: 10/24/1995
Eng Ch Su-Khyi Kang Rimpoche (USA)
gold sable
Silveridge Dolly Varden
Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ruminian Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Club Champion TTC, 3xCACIB, BOB, Winner of special show

Dscho Utra U-ti (US)
born:: 7/9/2000, HD - B,black

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
born:: 12/6/1997, HD - good, black
Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra (US), ROM, HD - good, black
Ch. E'Tang-Po Jina Lamleh von Nama-schu (G), HD - A, black
Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US)
born:: 8/24/1997
HD - good, gold sable, white marks
Ch. Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (US), black, sable marks
Ch. Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha (US), black

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