Co-ra Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kora"
* 19.4.2006   + 03.08.2022, color: gold sable, white marks, HD-A/B, PRA,LL-neg., CCL - clear (Hannover)
Kora is very Uti´s lovely and kind daughter. Her owners are our family friends. They live a few streets fro us. Kora is family pet, she has very nice live. She isn´t the stars of the show rings but she is very nice typical tibetan girl. When she moved to out friends wa planed to breed with her one litter. Kora fulfilled all conditions to breeding female and she is stud female.
Owners: Ing. Radana Sojková a František Kujan, Litvínov

Kora is stud female but from the agreement with her owners she will not have puppies. That´s why she doesn´t have DNA PLL test (but we aren´t affraid this illnes becausethis illness isn´t  in our line.




Passiflora Rosa Damascena (GB), white & sable

HD-A, BAER test, 3/14/2000
Lehlam Kalyani of Passiflora
white & gold


Lehlam Boun-Sah, white & sable
Lehlam Rar-Jar
white & gold, HD-A
Lehlam Sally black, white marks
Lehlam Sa Shar white & sable
Tocote Shah Raid white & black
Lehlam's Choice white & gold particolor
Passiflora Rosa Gallica
white & sable particolor

Tsering Dholmah Nima
white-sable & brindle
11/28/1991, HD-A
Lehlam Rar-Jar
white & gold, HD-A
Silgarhi Untamed
white & sable, HD-A
Lehlam Chrysantheme of Passiflora
black & white
Imperial Boy white & gold
Lehlam Sally black, white marks
C.I.B., Multi Ch Dscho Utra U-ti (US)
born: 7/9/2000

HD - B, black, CCL - free

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
NM 815384/01

born: 12/6/1997

CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, black

Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra (US), NT 550445, ROM, HD - good, black Ch. Malishar's Shang Zu Dalghani (USA), ROM
Ch.Malishar's Jambhala Tsan-Te
Ch. E'Tang-Po Jina Lamleh von Nama-schu (G), HD - A, black, VDH/KTR 924733 Ch. Sheydon's Sam Dup
Ch. U'Jana Lamleh von Nama-schu
Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US)
NM 758656/01
born: 8/24/1997

CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, gold sable, white marks

Ch. Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (US), black, sable marks, NT 389264 Ch. Malishar's Shang-Ti Ka-Ba
Ch. Malishars Chin Chin
Ch. Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha (US), black
NM 515362/06
Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra
Ch. Malishar's Nyi-Ma-Gan-Sar

Foto: Barbora Bláhová, of Darkness