"C" litter Legs-Smon
Passiflora Rosa Damascena Ch. Dscho Utra Uti

Puppies were born: 19.4.2006

Uti and Leo had 3 boys and 1 girl. All are sable with white marks.  Kora lives in our town and is very lovely girl and darling of her owners. They visited us often. Kami lives in Újezd nad Lesy and is very sucessful in the shows  - Czech Champion, Club champion, Czech Junior Champion, Club young winner, 2 x CACIB, CAC SK and he is also stud dog. Šeri lives with his family in Bystřice pod Perštejnem, he is very lovely boy. Last puppy Chayu didn´t have lucky life - he moved from first family and in new home he had an traffic accident and died in one year :o(


Kami has website


4 weeks 5,5 weeks 7 weeks

Fotografie z nových domovů:

Ch. Cambu Lamleh Legs-Smon (Kami) 8,5 weeks  1 year (+ Kora) 2008 05/2009 04/2011
Cora Lamleh Legs-Smon (Eny) 8,5 weeks (+ Chayu) 1 year (+ Kami) 04/2011
C´Shari Lamleh Legs-Smon (Šeri) 8,5 weeks (+ Chayu) 3,5 months 2008
Ccha-yu Lamleh Legs-Smon (Chayu) 8,5 weeks (+ Šeri) 8,5 weeks (+ Kora)
Cambu Lamleh Co-ra Lamleh C´Shari Lamleh Ccha-yu Lamleh

Our puppies spend last days with us.  Next days they will move to their news homes and will make the pleasure to news families. We bring some new pictures of last weekend in cca 7,5 weeks

Agility  ..... o))))

Passiflora Rosa Damascena "Leo" Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti
HD-A, * 14/3/ 2000, BAER test, chov. třída 1 HD-B, * 7/9/2000

* * *

Passiflora Rosa Damascena "Leo" is pure english lamleh. He was imported from England by Anke and Franz Peine to their kennel "von Nama-schu". Leo is very nice male and has 130 healthy puppies from 22 litters still. He is very happy and kind boy, he loves her family so much and liked our U-ti very much. Some of his puppies you can see in the shows and they are in the next generations of tibetan terriers. Mother  of puppies will be our sun Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti.  The pedigree of puppies is the combination of english and american lamlehs. 



"C" vrh


Passiflora Rosa Damascena (GB)
bílý & sobolí

HD-A, BAER test, 3/14/2000
Lehlam Kalyani of Passiflora
bílý & zlatý

Lehlam Boun-Sah, bílý & zlatý
Lehlam Rar-Jar
bílý & zlatý, HD-A
Lehlam Sally černý s bílými zn.
Lehlam Sa Shar bílý & zlatý
Tocote Shah Raid bílý & černý
Lehlam's Choice bílo-zlatý particolor
Passiflora Rosa Gallica
bílo-zlatý particolor

Tsering Dholmah Nima
bílo-zlatý & brindle
11/28/1991, HD-A
Lehlam Rar-Jar
bílý & zlatý, HD-A
Silgarhi Untamed
bílý & sobolý, HD-A
Lehlam Chrysantheme of Passiflora
černý & bílý
Imperial Boy bílý & zlatý
Lehlam Sally černý s bílými zn.
Dscho Utra U-ti (US)
nar.: 7/9/2000

HD - B, černá

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
NM 815384/01

nar.: 12/6/1997

HD - good, černý

Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra (US), NT 550445, ROM, HD - good, černý Ch. Malishar's Shang Zu Dalghani (USA), ROM
Ch.Malishar's Jambhala Tsan-Te
Ch. E'Tang-Po Jina Lamleh von Nama-schu (G), HD - A, černá, VDH/KTR 924733 Ch. Sheydon's Sam Dup
Ch. U'Jana Lamleh von Nama-schu
Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US)
NM 758656/01
nar.: 8/24/1997

HD - good, zlatě sobolí, bílé zn.

Ch. Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (US), černý, sobolí zn., NT 389264 Ch. Malishar's Shang-Ti Ka-Ba
Ch. Malishars Chin Chin
Ch. Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha (US), černá
NM 515362/06
Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra
Ch. Malishar's Nyi-Ma-Gan-Sar



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