"Family" weekend Mšeno  (24-26//4/2009)


Last weekend we went all with some of our puppies from "E" litter to nice little town Mšeno in the area named "Kokořínsko" (it´s neer to Mělník. More about this area you can see here .

On Friday we did little trip (cca 5 kilometres) with Elli and her owner and friend Kami and my girls. It was very nice part od Cinibulka´s way. It´s way during rocks.



Then came Nelli with her owners and friend Mia (TT). We did the dinner and told little all together and prepare for Saturday trip (cca 10 km)


We visited very very nice places of Kokořínsko ... we had the lunch in Eden (it´s name of the vilage :o)))
And another part of the rocks was very very wonderfull ...

... but for me very difficult :o)))

And it was the end of my trip ... I have the problems with this places :o)))

We went down and then up :o)))

Finaly we went back ... al healthy with all legs and arms :o)) And the celebration of birthday od our april puppies began ...

Nelli is little lady...

... Elli is very lovely all time ...

... and Yusha liked all people with sweets :o))



On Sunday we went to the castle Kokořín ... but before the visite we went to the little trip to the woods ... and then we were such tired that we came back home ... we will vidited Kokořín latter :o)) It was very nice weekend. Any has good daughters and they have sooo good owners. I will be happy to meet them all again ... and may be will come other our "puppies".