"E" vrh (8-9 weeks)
Our puppies are moving to new homes.
 Jonáš (E´Yoshi) moved first. He lives with her owner and her family next to Plzeň. He was very good boy in first time in new home. He visited his new vet and the vet was very very pleased to see such charming little tibetan terrier :o))) I wish to Jonáš and his familly  a lot of nice years!!!
Nelli (Emaia left us some hours after Jonáš. She lives with her family in Rumburk ... it´s our favorit place of our country and we will visite her very soon :o)) I hope she will stop a gap about her owner´s first tibetan terrier girl Ťapka wh died in 19 years.  Nelli, we wish you nice time!!!

Last pictures of all puppies together:

And first pictures of Jonáš and Nelli from new homes:

One weeks and two days after Jonáš and Nelli Eny (E-naya) mowed to Chomutov. It´s not far from Litvínov and I hope we will see often with our little sable trickster. Eny will have new TT girl friend Kristýnka on the weekends .... Eny, I hope you will do nice days to your new family how you did us :o)

Ans last Eli (Eyala) stays with us. We will take her to her new home on Friday. Her owner wait her and do some thinks in their house for Eli. She will live with friend Kami. I hope she will be satisfied like we are with her. Today she celebrated with her mum Any her Birthday and after she went to sleep :o)))

My little tibies ... I love you! You are next generation of my breed and I´m very happy to send to the world such lovely tibies!!! You helped us in first day to survive bereavement of dear man, my father. I wish to you nice day and years only!!!