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We are a little kennel of Tibetan Terriers in Czech Republic. The name of my kennel is Legs-Smon and it's "blessed". I think have tibetans is "blessed" too. I love so much tibetans, mine are my little suns. They have a great temperament and personality. Here you can lern many interesting things, not only about my dogs, but also about Tibetan Terriers in general. I`m sure you`ll like interesting pictures and Internet links to other dog-fanciers and an Internet link to the Czech Republic Tibetan Terrier Club.

We live in the north od Czech Republic in the flat in an old brick apartement building. My Tibetan Terriers live in the flate with me. Together with common housing he also share hobbies with me. They are a loyal companion, not only for TV watching, head rubbing and for nice walk to nature, but they are well-mannered and decet dogs for trips and visits, too. Well, they are Tibetan Terriers with all their good characteristics.

Ch. Antao Smon-Lam "Dany" (Dany) was first my dog. Living with him for more that five and a half years I can fully confirm the words of others owners and Tibetan Terrier fanciers saying, this race is unique as well as the country of its origin - Tibet. My Dany is a white dog with black patterns, he had a fine figure add his hair was thick and of a good quality. His parents ans grand parents were successful at exhibitions, they were very good dogs. Dany left us in 16,5 years after longer illness and it was the most hard decision in my live.
We is and will be my firt beloved dog forever.
From February 2001 we had in our kennel little black pearl from Anette Ohman (Palmer) C.I.B., MultiCh. Dscho Utra U-ti She was all lamleh and she was very lovely girl and boos our hairly family. Her father was Am. Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen and her mother Dscho Utra Rag Gi Thugs Kar. She was very successful in the shows, she had a lot of adult and also veteran championships. She was also good mom to her litter and her children are nice, healthy a happy tibetans.  More of them are also multichampions. She decided left us when she was 14,5 years old ... it was very sad for us but she will stay in our hearts like our little stubborn princess :o)
In 2003 Uti had her first littre with Ch. Silveridge Golden Parson - only one black puppy was born - our happy female C.I.B., Multich. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon "Any". Any is my show rings star. She likes shows very much and is very successful. She had one litter very nice puppies. She is also veteran and even she isn´t young yet, she still has a lot of energy. We go to the veteran class few time in the year and she still likes the shows. She has great temperant.
In the Spring of 2007 was born one black puppy - female in our kennel. Father is very friendly and nice Silgarhi Oberon "Otis" and mother is my sun Uti. This puppy is our sun  C.I.B., MultiCh. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon "Yusha". Yusha is very nice and friendly female, she is my big pet. She loves me very much and I love her too ... she is my dream female :o) She is successful in the shows too, in this time she is also veteran and we show in veteran or honour class. Yusha´s had also some litters with excellent, nice puppies. She was always excellent mom for her children.
In 2012 Christkid bgourght us next family membre Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon "Jany". Jany is daughter of our Yusha and english gentleman En.Ch. Silgarhi Fergus. Fergus is very nice, sweet boy and Jany is the same. She is lovely, very nice, she has excellent coat and very sweet character. She sin´t show star and won´t have any litter because sometimes life has another opinion, but she is really good family dog. We love her very much and she is the bigest friend for our Any.


The youngest family membre is our sweet ... and after many yeats not black ... girl  C.I.B., MultiCh. Karuna Lamleh Legs-Smon "Kerry".  She is also daughter of our Yusha and the male from very famouse kennel Gulgates. Kerry is really clever, she likes to think and work ... but also does noncenses ... she is almost so good like our Any in it :o)) And she also steals (it´s the heritage from her grandmom Uti :o))
Kerry is also very successful in the show, in young age she has a lot of titles. She also had her first litter of eight puppies ... so we had to do for looong time and Kerry enjoied tehm too  :o) Kerry has excellent character ... she is simply the best family dog.

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