C.I.B., Multi Ch. Dscho Utra U-ti

Interchampion (C.I.B.), German veteranchampion, Czech veteranchampion, Slovak veteranchampion, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian Champion, TTC Club Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Specialty Winner

female, 7.9.2000    + 15.1.2015

HD-B, PRA, LL - neg., CCL - free
(both parents DNA tested (US) - normal)
breeder: Anette Ohman, Dscho Utra TTs, USA

Uti was a second member in our home and my first female. U-ti was pure american lamleh. She was born at kennel Dscho Utra owned by Anette Ohman (Palmer),  original from Germany. We had been waiting for her long time before Anette sent her to us. She can be very much proud of her. Uti is very very nice female. She has very lovely temperament and is our great sun.

In the middle of January 2015 the vet told us Uti had a tumor in the spleen, enlarged liver and heart, water in the lights. The vet thinks that removal of the tumor is very risky for her, he thinks it is better to let her live in peace and as much as possible to help her to be o.k. and we agrred with him. Next morning she was out to pee, got her medicine and then she went to sleep ... and then died ...
It was big shock for us but the light poit was Uti decided about her life herself.
She was and stay my big sun, my beloved girl. She was so unique, I know I will not have so special girl in the future because Uti was the only one. But she will be in oue hearts forever!!!




5 weeks with brothers 15 weeks brother Umd-ze "Tailor"

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