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* 10/1/2012

Little prince
out of our sweet Yusha and handsome american man Reddy moved to his new home!

All the best my sweet boy!   



5 days 1 week 2 weeks 16 days 3 weeks 4,5 weeks 5,5 weeks 6,5 weeks 7,5 weeks 3,5 months
18-22 days 33 days 6-7 weeks

 C.I.B., MultiCh.  Dscho Utra Yungs-Dkar  x C.I.B. MultiCh. D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon 

* * * * *

Father is AmCh. Utra-Dscho Yungs Dkar "Reddy", american boy our friend Anette Ohman (Dscho Utra, U.S.). Anette is also the breeder of puppies grandmother, our unique Uti. I decided to repeat this combination becuase I love Reddy very much and I wanted to use the chance when he is here in Europe. Reddy is a pure American pedigree while our Yusha´s pedigree is a combination of beautiful American and English lamlehs.
Puppies pedigree is a line breeding of successful American lamlehs the type I like.
Reddy is a golden sable boy, he is very beautiful, elegant, nice, balanced temperament, and especially so lucky dog. He has an elegant movement he takes his head so proud. It is simply irresistible! Bobo, Reddy and Yusha´s son from first litter is very nice and lovely boy with the same sweet character like his parents. 

Reddy is currently living in Croatia with
Ljiljana Vlašić Maršić,  kennel Lhun-po where we were on the cover. Yusha remebered Reddy, she was happy and satisfied. We had nice time at Ljiljana´s family.

Both parents are DNA tested for CCL and PLL with a clear results (do not transmit these diseases to their offspring) and the others received healthy examination with excellent results.

Puppy will be good for shows and breeding.

We thank Ljiljana and Annette for their hospitality and Li for how an incredible days we had with her family.

More pictures of Reddy and Yusha

Dscho Utra Yungs-Dkar 
D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon

*  23.11. 2004, HD-A, PL-0/0, PRA,LL-neg., 
CCL DNA, PLL DNA - clear, BAER test - normal

OFA TT-2990G25M-PI; CERF TT-2464/2009-53; TT-PA59/25M/P-PI; TT-BR234/16M-PI; CHICK# 37384; NCL Normal #74014 UMC; PLL Normal 74014 UMC

Interchampion (C.I.B.), American Champion, Croatian Champion, Slovenian Champion, Finnish Champion, Estonian Champion
* 12.4.2007, HD-A, PL-0/0, PRA,LL-neg., 
CCL DNA, PLL DNA - clear

Interchampion (C.I.B.), Czech and Slovak Grandchampion, Czech Champion, German Champion (VDH), Austria Champion, Slovak Champion, Polish Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Champion of Montenegro, Macedonia, TTC Club Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Multi CACIB, res. CACIB, 7 x BOB, Multi CAC CR ... fulfilled conditions for Romanian Champion, Best female


* * *


Ch Dscho Utra Yungs-Dkar

HD-A, PL-0/0, PRA,LL-neg., gold sable, CCL DNA, PLL DNA - clear

Ch. Dscho Utra Tchu Zla Ltar
HD - good, black, CCL-free NM 869989/01, 5/12/2000

Ch. Rje-Bo's Bodie
golden brindle, NM 323220/02

Ch Rje-Bo's OH Henry
NT 465242

Ch Sheydon's Nag-Ze Norbu
NT 542216

Dscho Utra I-Li-Chu Malishar
NM 498859/03

Ch Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra
NT 550445

Ch Malishar's Akiba of Ka-Ba
NS 982845

Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar
HD - good, gold w/white, CCL-free, NM 758656/01

Ch Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (USA), black & white, NT 389264, 12/23/1987

Ch Malishar's Shang-Ti Ka-Ba
NS 546031

Ch Malishars Chin Chin
NS 838774

Ch Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha
brindle, NM 515362/06

Ch Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra
NT 550445

Ch Malishar's Nyi-Ma-Gan-Sar
NT 478512

C.I.B. MultiCh. 
D´Yusha Lamleh Legs-Smon

HD – A/A, PL-0/0, black, white marks, CCL-clear, PLL - clear, 12/4/2007


Silgarhi Oberon 
HD-A, white-sable
KC Z5388102


Passiflora Bourbon Rose
black with white

Lehlam Kalyani of Passiflora
white & gold, HD-5/5

Lehlam Chrysantheme of Passiflora
černý &bílý

Silgarhi Zerlina

Lehlam Rar-Jar

Silgarhi Hippolyta

C.I.B. Multi Ch Dscho Utra U-ti (US), HD - B, black, CCL-free

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, black 

Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra (US), HD - good, black

Ch. E'Tang-Po Jina Lamleh von Nama-schu (G), HD - A, černá

Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US), 
CCL DNA tested (US) - normal
HD - good, gold sable, white marks

Ch. Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (US), black, sable marks

Ch. Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha (US), black

Our puppies have ground vaccination, microchip, Pet-passport, Export pedigree, and have devormings more time. They have  good socialization with other dogs and peoples. They know different places and can to go in the car in the box. You will have an occasion to see our puppies in online camera all day and see puppies in the pictures in our website!
In our kennel we prefere good pedigrees with typical nice tibetans. We value our pedigrees and choice the male from the renowned kennels only with good character and only with all healthy examinations and DNA tests. 

We stay in the contact with the owners of our puppies and would like to know all what is happend with our puppies. The owners of our puppies are sure we help them in all situations.


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