"I" litter (6,5 weeks)
Iīm big boy ... I have microchip, first vaccination and passport ... I can travel to the world!!!

I thougt that but my human mom said I had to wait 2 weeks yet. I need more socialization and training and to learn some right things. But i donīt know what is right so I do what I mean and my mom says I do nonsences :o) I have many many toys in our flat and so we play very much with my mom Yusha. 
I had many visits in the weekend. In first some lady from the TT club came to see me. She told Iīm nice puppy and wrote a lot of papers about that. Then my mom friend came but she didinīt want to play with me :o( In Sunday I have another girlfriend visit ... it was my half-sister Nya. She is older then me and she played with me a little. It was soooo nice and busy weekend!

I hope next time here will be interesting also. They promisse me one surprise for next weekend!
Iīm not here ... itīs Yusha only .... good night!