Ch. Jang-mu Lamleh Legs-Smon

Czech Veteran Champion, Czech Champion, Club Champion TTC

* 24.12.2012  + 13.04.2023

breeder: Ing. Radana SojkovŠ
owner: Ing. Radana SojkovŠ + Miroslava KopeckŠ
 Jany was daughter of our sweet Yusha a handsome englich gentleman  Ch. Silgarhi Fergus. Fergus was breed and owned of famous kennel Silgarhi (UK). Fergus was very nice male with excellent type and wonderfull movement. He had very nice character and good pedigree. I love Silgarhi dogs so I decided for him because we think itīs nice combination of good english and american lamleh dogs. 

Jany was sweet as her mother Yusha, little young lady with lovely character. She liked to eat and speak with us, especialy when she was hungry ... and she was hungry very often :o)

Life is sometimes unfair ... and it was doubly unfair to our Jany. She left us too soon and it was too fast. Our consolation is that she did not suffer for long and held on bravely until the last day.

She will stay in our hearts as a beautiful, kind and friendly tibetan girl who loved people and had to go first on every trip to keep track.


Ch. Silgarhi Fergus 
C.I.B. multi Ch.  DīYusha Lamleh Legs-Smon
English champion Interchampion (C.I.B.), Czech and Slovak Grandchampion, Czech Champion, Czech Veteran Champion, German Champion (VDH), German Veteran Champion (VDH + KTR)Austria Champion, Slovak Champion, Polish Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Champion of Montenegro, Macedonia, TTC Club Champion, Czech Junior Champion
*  4.7.2005, HD-5/4 (A), PRA,LL-neg., 
CCL DNA, PLL DNA - tested
* 12.4.2007, HD-A, PL-0/0, PRA,LL-neg., 
CCL DNA, PLL DNA - clear

Galery of the parents