Ch. Antao Smon-Lam

Czech Champion, Tibetan Terrier Club Champion,
Winner of the year 2001,

male,  * 8.12.1995   +29.4.2012

white, black marks, HD-A,
breeder: PhDr. Miroslava Dvořáková, Most 

Dany was my first tibitan terrier. He was born in the kennel  Smon-Lam owned by Mrs Dvořáková in Most not so far from  Litvínov where we live. His grandparents from mother´s site were from the renowned german kennel "von Nama-schu". His father Roeneeka Vodoo at Alilah was from Englad and lived in Germany.

  He was good excellent family dog, he loved all my family and our friends. He had great temperant and her children have his nice type. It was very difficult to say good bye him but he did us the pleasure more then 16 years!
Bye our little friend and see you soon!!!