Tibetan Terrier


Tibetan Terrier is a gregarious race, but in no way it`s a "couch dog". It is very active, tireless and gregarious. Although being called Terrier, he dousn`t group Terriers by all means and he doesn`t even have their charakteristics. If we to be precise, we had better called him Tibet Apso, because   his closest cousin is Lhasa Apso. This race varies from Tibetan Terrier not only in size (it`s smaller), but also in other notes.
The origin country of Tibetan Terrier is Tibet, this race has already been bred for almost 2000 years there. In the country of its origin they used him as a shepherd`s dog, a house-dog and an escort dog for caravans, and together with Tibetan Bandogs he helped to protect the property of his mister. Being considered sacred, this medium sized doggie was also bred in monasteries. Altrough Tibet has been isolated for quite a long time from the rest of the world (it hasn`t much changed till nowadays), its little dog found their way to Evrope. This happened trough the presents which Tibetans used to give to zhe axtraordinary luminaries. This is how the doggie found his way to England and subsequently the dog-fanciers in other Evropean and oversea countries began to like him. However, it si a dos with exotic characteristics, it`s not so widespread as some of the other dog races in Czech Republic, but he slowly find a place in the hearts of other and other dog-faciers.
Tibetan Terrier is a medium sozed dog (35- 40,6 cm, bitches are slightly smaller), he has compact and square figure. His wide pads and significantly arched feet had and still have great importance for his Jumping abilities, his gait is smooth and has powerful drive. His hair is long and consist of two coats, undercoat is fine and wooly, top coat is profuse, straight and should not be curled. If you go and visit exhibition, you`ll  be surprised how many colors of Tibetan Terrier you will see. Their can have white, golden, cream, grey or smoke colors, black, parti-color and tri-colors, in fact any color except chocolate or liver permissible.
Very big temperament prevails in his nature (and from the reason that in nature he had been very similar to Terriers, they began to call him Terrier in England), he is goodhearted, he loves his mister but on the other side he is quite reserved to strangers. This small doggie with great heart is also very smart and quick to learn, but you have to be patient and show him your love instead of using rough force, bacause the dog can be pretty stubborn, too. He is very nice to children (even to other people`s children), sometimes he would let "people walk all over him". I can truthfully say that  he is an absolutely easy-going dog, the dog is good both for family and for lonely people, too. By all means he is not a kennel dog, because he needs to feel the love of his mister, and gives back as much love as he can.


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