C.I.B., Multi Ch. AŽNaya Lamleh Legs-Smon

Interchampion (C.I.B.), Czech + German (VDH) Veteran Champion, Czech + Slovakian Grandchampion, Czech, German champion (VDH), Slovakian champion, Polish champion, Club champion TTC, Top TT of the year 2007 - female: 2nd place

*9.6.2003    + 11.3.2021

HD-A/B, PL-0/0, PRA, LL - neg., DNA PLL, CCL - free
(Ch. Silveridge Golden Parson x C.I.B. MultiCh. Dscho Utra U-ti)

Any was our first puppy :o)  
Her mother was our U-ti and father was Ch. Silveridge Golden Parson "Phillip" from renowned english kennel Silveridge (owned by M.M. Cooper Ted).
Phillip was very nice and typical TT, he had great temperament and Uti either.  Anda had great charakter and she was our big sun. She loved people and other dogs. She was also very good show dog and she enjoied the shows also in the veteran age.

She lived with us amazing almost 18 years and the life with her was big fun. I know we wonŽt have the same  Tibetan Terrier how she was because she was the only one.




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