"H" litter Legs-Smon
Ch. Wanted Nice Dog's Chen-Bho Lamleh C.I.B. A'Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon

Puppies of our sweet Any were born
  April 28th 2011 - 2 lovely boys and one wonderful female!!!
All puppies are with their wonderful families. Good luck our sweeties and long life full of the fun.

Ashi a
nd Amy in their homes (06-07/2011)      

8-9 weeks
3,5 weeks 4,5 weeks 5,5 weeks 6,5 weeks 7 weeks
First day Seconde day 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
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Videoclip - 2,5 weeks  Videoclip - 5 weeks Videoclip - 6 weeks

Galery of the parents

Last husband our lovely Any is beautiful boy Chen-Bho. In his pedigree you can find very famous tibetans from american lamleh line. I like this type very much a hope puppies will be in this nice type of both parent. I know Chen-Bho and his mom Sang-Mo and sister very loneg time, I felt in love with them many years ago. So finaly is time to have some their copies :o)

Both parents are DNA tested for CCL and PLL with a clear results (do not transmit these diseases to their offspring) and the others received healthy examination with excellent results.

Chen-Bho live in the kennel  Wanted Nice Dog's (Netherlands)

Ch. Wanted Nice Dog's Chen-Bho Lamleh

ICh. A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon
HD-A, * 12/12/2003, patella free, eyes clear
NCL, PLL - clear
HD-A/B, * 9/6/2003, patella free, eyes clear, 
DNA CCL, PLL - clear

German Champion (VDH), German KTR Junior  Champion
Interchampion, Czech and Slovak Grand Champion, Czech Champion, Deutcher Champion (VDH), Slovak and Polish Champion, Club Champion TTC, Cruft's Qualification 2008, CAC CR, Cro, Slo, BOB


German VDH Champion, German KTR Junior Champion

Ch. Wanted Nice Dog's Chen-Bho Lamleh

HD-A, DNA CCL - free

Ch Woodruff's Yam Tshem-Po (US), white & black, HD-A
Ch Woodruff's Nyi-Ma Thik-Pa
blk w/wht, HD-good
Ch Malishar's Gjan Ti Dkar Po
Ch Sheydon Nag Mo at Woodruff
Ch Woodruff's Hannah B
black w/white, HD-excellent
Ch Sheydon's Sam Dup (USA)
Woodruff's Aurora (USA)
International Champion, Dutch Champion, German VDH Champion, German KTRChampion, Luxembourg Champion, Europasieger 2004
Ch Eyala Sang-Mo Lamleh von der Lobenbreite (Ger)

black & tan, HD-A

Ch Schanti's U'Batu-Lamleh (Ger)
gold brindle, HD-B
Schanti's Xaro-Sheydon
Schanti's Yacodara Woodruff
Xan-tia Xa-li Lamleh von der Lobenbreite
black w/white, HD-A
Silgarhi Calidassa (GB)
Ka Ta Ya's Annie Get Your Gun (DK)
Interšampion, Český a Slovenský grand šampion, Český šampion, Německý šampion (VDH), Slovenský a Polský šampion, Klubový šampion TTC, Cruft's Qualification 2008, CAC Cro, Slo, BOB 

A´Naya Lamleh Legs-Smon  

nar.: 9/6/2003
HD - A/B, PL-0/0, černá
DNA CCL, PLL - clear

Deutscher, VDH Champion, Deutscher Jugendchampion

Silveridge Golden Parson (GB)
nar.: 5/15/1998, HD-A, sobolí & bílý

Ch. A-Mas Rigs-Pa Pha-Lam of Silveridge (Swe)
zlatě sobolí
nar.: 10/23/1991
černý, bílé a sobolí zn.
Ch. A-mas Ti-Tsha Sofi of Dge-Ltas

Silveridge Emery's Dark May (GB)
červený sobol
: 10/24/1995
Eng Ch Su-Khyi Kang Rimpoche (USA)
zlatý sobol
Silveridge Dolly Varden
Interšampion (C.I.B.), Český, Německý  a Slovenský veteránšampion, Šampion ČR, Slovenska, Polska, Rumunska, Klubový šampion, Junior šampion ČR, Vítěz speciální výstavy

Dscho Utra U-ti (US)
nar.: 7/9/2000, HD - B, černá

Ch. Ka Ta Ya's Nekorra of Copenhagen (DK)
nar.: 12/6/1997, HD - good, černý
Ch. Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra (US), ROM, HD - good, černý
Ch. E'Tang-Po Jina Lamleh von Nama-schu (G), HD - A, černá
Dscho Utra Rang Gi Thugs Kar (US)
nar.: 8/24/1997
HD - good, zlatě sobolí, bílé zn.
Ch. Malishar's Dad-Pa Rinchenpo (US), černý, sobolí zn.
Ch. Dscho Utra Ja-Tsha (US), černá
Our puppies have ground vaccination, microchip, Pet-passport, Export pedigree and good socialization with other dogs and peoples. They know different places and can to go in the car. You will have an occasion to see our puppies in online camera all day!

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